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About Gravebear

Hey Guys & Gals.

I'm Bear and i am just.....well trying to have a wee bit of fun and see where this road takes us.

  • @ynstbih

    Gravebear is a wonderful voice actor to work with. He is quick to complete the work he is provided and brings a lot of positive energy to any and all the characters he acts as.

    I can't recommend him enough and will surely call upon his talents again in the future!

  • @project-creator

    I woerked with bear in various different projects and to say he impressed me would be an understatement, his commitment to doing everything that has been thrown at him is absouloutly staggering. Not only I am pleased with his vocal range, but also his friendliness and hospitality to any criticism. No matter how small the project is, gravebear gets the job done, and well. So go ahead and cast him!

  • @tripod

    Gravebear was excellent and delivering his lines in a quick and professional manner! Unfortunately, my friend discovered my surprise gift to him, and wanted to voice the roll that Gravebear was cast for. He did such a fantastic job, I made another audio cut of his voice over as well, which you can listen to below. Thank you for being so understandable Gravebear, and I hope we can work on another project in the future! If you need to get the job done, what are you waiting for? Go cast Gravebear!

  • @theboxboy

    Get... A-Ah...

    Just... All right.

    Cut the sweet stuff.

    Easy now. Just...

    Trying to cuddle

    with me, huh?

    Trying to avoid

    your duties, huh?

    Well, that just

    ain't gonna... fly!

    It isn't gonna

    work with m... me.

    See, I'm getting my exercise,

    doin' my job.

    Just one quick cannonball!

    - Oh!

    - Morning.


    ?? [Jon Singing]

    Okay! I think you're clean enough now.

    - H-H-Hot.! Hot.! Hot.!

    - Got your towel right here.

    Garfield.! No.!


    - It's liver flavored.

    - Mm! Delicious.


    Mm. Mm!


    Oh! Oh, liver!

    - [Spitting]

    - Well, actually, it's liver flavored.


    That was a good breakfast.

    Now I think I'll just

    fall off the "Catkin's" diet...

    and get myself

    a little high-fat chaser.


    - Garfield, look, the milk truck.

    - Oh, attaboy, Nermal.

    - The milk truck comes every day.

    - Yeah, but maybe not today.

    Maybe it's changing routes.

  • @marshmallow1

    I've known him for what, 3 (three) years now? He's amazing, he goes out of his way to show kindness to everyone and has selfless attitude. He's constantly surprising me with how helpful he is with projects, from helping out with writing and editing to voice acting, it's outstanding! Alright is that enough with the kindness bullshit? Can we just end it here, yeah, ok got it just don't put that last bit in the script dipshit.

  • @lorenzova

    What can I say about this man... He is an admire-able VA and writer to bat. Would cast him as Tate if given the chance.

  • @adubs

    He's a big softy boi who's fun to work with. He's cool and a great friend who's helped me in more ways than one when it comes to voice acting. He has lots of range that is super helpful. He deserves all the recommendations and upvotes that he has and I hope that his voice acting career is prosperous int he future. He's always full of joy and is so fun to be around. I'm honestly so glad I met him off of this website and i could ask for a better group of online friends than the ones from this website. Good luck buddy, I'm rooting for you! ❤

  • @woods-of-ypres

    I would definitely recommend Bear for any project!
    He's an amazing friend and an amazing voice actor, and always turns his lines in on time, and never had any issues. He's great at taking a character and running with it, and making it his own! I would love to have him back for another project.

  • @ferryfarm

    he is amazing, i would always cast him without thinking twice and i hope once the current project is over, that we will find a way to continue our work together!

  • @juno895

    Always gets his things done on time, and when I ask him to. He is super nice and really caring! Way to go dad! We love you

  • @dgw

    Ahh, THE MIGHTY BEAR, This man will make sure you have a great time while working with him. Funny is an understatement LMAO. Also a man of a VAST RANGE of voices such As Meyrin to Ryuk LMAO. All and All a great guy. He is Simply one hell of a Meyrin

  • @stelersteel

    Gave a good voice performance though their interpretation. Able to and spoke clearly in their mic. Would recommend for other projects.