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    About Dark Souls: Soul Chronicles, Official Listing Part One


    I am a fan of Dark Souls and the lore specifically. This project will be about points of lore from the voices and viewpoints of characters, some of which were not necessarily given voices in the game.
    Basic concept: for those of you who played Diablo 3, Bioshock, Dead Space, you know that some lore and story info is stored in these journals or audio diaries in which characters tell what happened in the story outside of the main characters progression. That is the main idea behind the Soul Chronicles, memories of the souls of powerful beings and those with great will. I have ideas for quite a few, including but not limited to: King Oceiros, pre-dragon that is, Pontiff Sullyvhan, Seigward of Catarina, and even the Nameless King.
       Later I will be alking about things such as the Fall of Lothric from the Grand Betrayal to the flight of the Queen to the Consumption of the King, as well as the rise of one of the most evil figures in Dark Souls, Sullyvahn and his connection to Londor, Ariandel, and Irythil, as well as his connection to Lothric and his and Oceiros' connections to Archdragon Peak. Keep in mind these Chronicles are based purely off lore speculation and are not canon, the goal here is to tell some interesting stories using the voices of these characters. 
    I will focus on the more for 1 and 3, mainly the gods and the Birth of Fire and the Everlasting Dragons, as these connect the games strongly. This first segment will focus on characters from the first game while the next will have characters from 3. While lore is important I also want to explore some of the characters themselves and raise awareness of mental illness, notably depression and self-doubt, as many people in this world suffer from it. So if you get a depressed character sorry, the lines will be sad.
    I have found some good people willing to help me compile and edit audio files so now this can begin in earnest. All the pictures are fanart which is not my own but it is damn good.
    For voice actors, if you can do a great impersonation of someone not listed just let me know (there will be an added section for that). If you do a grand slam job of an imitation I will definitely keep you in mind for the full project, so do your best. Praise the Sun!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold