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About Noveria

Hello there. My name is Noveria. 

I like drawing, listening to music, watching movies and food =)
But most of all in the world i love playing video games (btw, feel free to visit my gaming youtube channel, link is on the left) and i was aways fascinated by the idea of giving life to a video game character, giving him my voice. Voice acting for me is more than just reading lines and 'acting'. It's more about living a life of a character, going through his emotions..  even if it's for just a moment. 
Maybe my dream will come true one day..

Demos & Samples

2017 Demo Reel

Some cuts from my auditions

2018 Demo Reel

Well... It's a demo =)

Russian Reel (May 2019)

Contains two same texts that i tried to voice differently (yet keep mature tone)