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Danganronpa The Audio Drama Productions's Previously Completed Works

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    About "Danganronpa: The *Aftermath* Audio Drama" (Characters from all 4 games)

    Greetings! I am Tristan, the director and one of the main casters of Danaganronpa The Audio Drama. A team of Danganronpa devoted fans, and I are creating an audio drama based on Danganronpa. We're not spoiling too much about the plot, but it's a what-if  scenario where a different ending to Danganronpa happened, instead of the one V3 had. That ending, started the beginning of this unique audio drama. This audio drama includes all of the characters from all 3 games. Some (not all) Ultra Despair Girls characters are included as well.

    How will this be released?

    We're striving to have this posted on youtube, in episodes format.

    How many "episodes" are in this audio drama?

    We may edit it, but currently 32 episodes are planned, so this is a long term project and commitment.

    How is it going to work with the four protagonists?

    Each protagonists will take turns narrating so the audience can hear some variety. Each of the protagonists have a different storyline going on with them, even though their goal is all the same. A lot of characters in the audio drama center around those storylines, which is why there is a lot of leads. There are some characters that don't revolve around a certain storyline, but are still important.

    Are you guys paying for sure? If so, how would payment work?

    Unfortunately, we are still deciding whether we want to pay for certain or not, so please don't be 100% sure you're getting money if you get casted. However, we are hoping to pay everyone involved! If we do end up paying, this is the method we'll use:

    Leads (The four protagonists, Junko, Tsumugi, and other characters): $20 per episode

    Supporting characters (Doesn't appear as much as the leads but are still prominent): $10 per episode

    Minor (Still very important and needs love even though they appear every few episodes or so): $5 per episode

    Everyone would be payed AFTER they delivered the lines to us for the episode, and we're satisfied with the end result. The cast would be payed by paypal.

    Do I have to sound like the character?

    We would prefer it, so the audience recognizes the character easily without the protagonists having to talk too much, but if you still capture the character, we might still cast you.

    How and when will casting be dealt with?

    We now are casting voice actors we think should be casted for certain roles every weekend!

    Will there be double casting?

    It's rare, but we will do it if we feel an actor captured two characters perfectly. Plus, this audio drama has a lot of characters, so we don't take it as too much of a big deal. Despite of the 2 characters max rule, you can audition for as many characters as you like.

    Will there be understudies?

    If we see voice actors that almost made the cut, and we still love their takes of the character, we may cast them as an understudy.

    What are the requirements to audition?

    1.Must be 15+, no exceptions, sorry.

    2. Must have good microphone quality. The core aspect of an audio drama is audio, so we want the audience to be able to hear the voices of the characters.

    3. Must be able to convey emotion, we want this to sound as good as possible.

    4. Be ready for a lot of commitment, because you can see if you read up, that this will take a long time to complete.

    5. You don't have to be an expert on the games, but it would be nice to have some background knowledge.

    6. Have discord, it makes communicating a lot easier!

    7. Have fun, we dearly hope you enjoy our project even though we're taking this seriously!

    The lines for the auditions aren't taken from the audio drama, but from the games to avoid spoilers for the audio drama. The descriptions of the characters are from Danganronpa Wiki

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