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About c_squint

Hi, I'm C_Squint, otherwise known as "Squint" by my friends.
I'm a Voice Actor with the goal of having fun!
Whether it's voicing fun little pictures or long, yet satisfying fandubs of games, anime, etc.
If the project seems fun and promising, I'm auditioning.

I've enjoyed the idea of "performing" ever since I was young, so voice acting is a nice compromise to having a work/study schedule while "performing".

I've learned a lot in my time as a voice actor and hope to keep improving for the future.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for my works, and thanks for stopping by!

Audio Verified: February 15th, 2018

  • @deleted59381

    As a fellow voice actor, Squint can do very good voices, and is a very talented VA everywhere I see him. It's always such a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him for projects.

  • @atsuyova

    Squint's a laugh a minute, a very talented voice actor and editor, I'm glad to be able to work with him in mutual projects and his range astounds me, keep it up buddy!

  • @aaronisak

    C_Squint did a great job voicing "Abas". An extra/support role in my upcoming machinima series, "Terah". He also has great editing skills, and I totally recommend casting him!

  • @milsta

    I'll keep it short and sweet. I highly recommend Squint for your projects. It isn't just his unwavering co operation and loyalty to the projects that never ceases to impress me, It's his humour, his personality and his overall charismatic aura that sets projects roaring forward. Couldn't ask for a more valued voice actor.

  • @sairren37

    Established a perfect tone for his character. Well done on the line. Delivered ahead of time. Would recommend.
    - Teku (co-creator of Drunks & Fanatics)

  • @fleebs

    C_Squint has been a pleasure to work with, he has a good attitude and delivers lines as soon as possible. His voice is great, he has talent, and is microphone is also great and required little to no audio editing!

  • @plotline_progenitor

    C_Squint played one of the major roles in my visual novel and I couldn't be happier with the results. He was easy to work with and turned in his lines within a reasonable time frame, not only that but he provided far more takes for every individual line than any other VA on the project. Usually I expect here or there to message back a voice actor on how to change the pacing or delivery on a line but not once did I need to do that with C_squint. He took his role very seriously and professionally, and played the rough bad-boy role of his character very well even through every different emotion the role called for. If we ever end up working on the same project again I'll know I have a great voice actor on the team, would recommend him in a heartbeat

  • @deleted25253

    Ryan/Squint is an absolute gem to work with. Both as a director and fellow voice actor, I always admired his work ethic and extraordinary talent. His range is insanely wide and is sure to cover a large variety of characters. He is also just wonderful to be around and will be a fantastic addition to any team. A rising star you won't want to miss out on!