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About theburningfaith

Hi I'm TheBurningFaith! I have been practicing Voice Acting since 2014 but finally got more serious about it in early 2017. I don't have much going for me other than that I love this hobby and I love all the amazing people I got to know here!

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Discord: TheBurningFaith#1563

  • @legendarypotatoguy

    Some call this guy reliable. He is that plus more. He gets lines back to you quickly and he's just a blast to work with. If I ever neeed an emergency guy to do something, TheBurningFaith will be my first stop

  • @quietlyy

    Brings amazing passion, and work ethic to a project. Always ready to deliver lines on time, full of energy and ideas, and doesn't shy away from any challenge. Watching him give his all voice acting is impressive, and honestly a whole lot of fun. You can tell he really loves what he's doing.

    Definitely reliable and ready for any role you give him! Quality voice acting guaranteed, along with a smooth project, with lots of laughter in the chatroom. :)

  • @seannybravo

    Faith is an incredibly talented VA and he has had an amazing work ethic towards every project I have been involved in with him. He has also quickly become one of my very best friends. If you need a talented and professional VA, you can't go wrong with this guy.

  • @patrick-mealey

    Definitely would recommend for any kind of voice acting project. Faith is super talented and confident and is always ready, willing and able to bring his best to any project he auditions for. He has a super versatile voice and a wide vocal range with dozens of amazing characters. Next to that, he's one of the most humorous and sweetest dudes out there. I've had the honor of working with him on several fun projects and I'm glad to call him one of my best friends.

  • @kissfromtheshadows

    OH BOY! this is gonna be soppy as hell! Faith is blessed he is incredibly fun to talk to and he's very caring too! But, then you look at his TALENT! MY LORD! is this boy talented! his range is crazy! and he's very passionate at what he does!

    If you need a boy that can be skilled and fun to work with pls hire this BOY!

  • @walaweegee

    Dat boi good