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About Corpse Party Full Game Dub EMERGENCY CASTING Young Girl

"Kisaragi Academy student Mayu Suzumoto is transferring to a new high school, leaving behind a sizeable group of friends and countless lovely memories. To help her cope with this move, her friend Ayumi has devised a seemingly innocent plan – the whole group will come together to perform a charm she found on the internet called “Sachiko Ever After” which is supposed to bind all of its participants together as friends to the end.

This does not go as expected.

Following an intense earthquake, the group awakens to find themselves separated and trapped in an alternate reality version of Heavenly Host Elementary School, a tragedy-stricken institution that once stood on the site of their own school but was torn down long ago. Here, the vengeful spirits of elementary-aged children threaten them and their sanity, and the only hope of survival – much less escape – is to uncover the chilling details surrounding those trapped before them." ~

Hello everyone! This is Gamesjayplays! I'm Jay! And I'm casting for my next project of a FULL GAME fandub of Corpse Party! I'm seeking very skilled voice actors to embark on this project with me!

About me: Professional voice actor since 2011, have done radio ads with Disney, Nickelodeon, & Hasbro. Voice trained from the former lead of casting for Disney Channel Television Animation. Have been doing fandubs for a little over a year.  Uwah?! More Information:

I plan to release this project is parts. Episodes spanning between 30 minutes - 1 hour episodes. I will be including the straight story line segments with no bad endings.

This will be a commitment project that may span a few months. Actors will be given 2 full weeks to turn in lines with constant follow ups on week 2.  Only serious auditions will be taken...well seriously. Please, when submitting, take the time to make sure you are in a well sound proof environment with HARDLY ANY background noise. 

Critiques will be given on request! Please include a comment to your audition and I will react accordingly :) I don't bite I promise. MAKE SURE THE COMMENT IS A COMMENT, NOT IN YOUR ACTUAL AUDITION.

*NOTE: REGARDING VOICE TYPES: I'm looking for anything as long as it looks like it can fit the character. Here's a cheat sheet to the prologue of the japanese voice actors

Lastly have fun and good luck!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold