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  • @gamesjayplays

    Namafied's energy and enthusiasm for his characters are unfounded. He brings whatever he voices to life! With hardly any notes on redos. He makes everything sound perfect! He's been with me in my projects since the beginning and has stuck with me since. I could not recommend him more!

  • @rubyjcat

    I've known Nam for years. I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing friend!
    Nam is a friendly, humble, supportive, and extremely dedicated guy. He takes his time researching and planning things carefully to know what his task entails and always puts his best effort into his work. He takes feedback to heart to improve his acting immensely, and is in turn also a person that can be confided in as an honest, mature, and straightforward person who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.
    He's also quite creative with his wide array of skills besides voice acting, such as graphic design, animation, cosplay, and photography.
    He may not show off much, but I know he's always working incredibly hard behind the scenes!

    My project that he voiced in represents a milestone in his journey of all the hard work he's put into voice acting throughout these years.