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25 year old twitch streamer and voice actor. Love making let's plays and video editing



  • @goldengoofy

    One of the most professional project heads on this website, if not the most. Always keeping us updated with deadlines, new projects, and anything that may effect us his level of professionalism is enough to recommend him alone without even mentioning his strong passion for creating these projects!

  • @katie-g63775

    Gamesjayplays is an extremely talented and diligent creative director. Always providing updates, accurate deadlines, and keeping everyone excited for current and future projects. The style of content he provides is always treated with love and care, which as a VA is great to see and interact with. Prompt, upfront, and extremely motivated, Gamesjayplays is an overall wonderful human being! Hope to work with you on a future project soon!

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Jay is organized, pleasant and a very efficient director to work with. He is always keeping his actors up to date with project news on his Discord server - and that is a gesture I GREATLY appreciate! His work has been of the utmost quality and he's allowed me to flex my "character" muscles by taking on roles such as old men, middle-aged guys, snooty waiters and hammy actors! Thanks for the opportunity, Jay!

  • @josh-niccum

    You want to work for Jay! What's that? You can't just blindly take my word for it? Alright, fine! How many projects have you been in where the Discord was a wasteland of shattered hopes and false expectations? Oh, you... Really? You thought they were all like that? You really need GJP in your life. It's an active and vibrant community that will get you excited to hop behind the mic again. Just be prepared to SCREAM!

    Jay is a brutal taskmaster who demands that you get your lines in on time. A director with a schedule? We should really form a union. Imagine a project where the videos actually come out! The gall!

    Seriously though, you won't regret being involved in GJP. The quality of the work is fantastic and always improving, the people are great, and it's a wonderful place to grow as a voice actor. Hope to see you soon at the Discord!

  • @katiegrigry

    I have enjoyed working for Jay! He's a talented director and editor and has worked hard with his actors. He is friendly and truly wants to see you grow. If you want to work for someone who will help you grow in the future this is the man to turn to! I've enjoyed working with him in the time I've worked with him, and I hope to work with him more in the future. Easily, he is one of the best directors I've ever worked with. It's hard to find a great guy and a great director in the same place. Those cast in his project are truly fortunate to have both.

  • @eindridge-blanc

    Jay performs the work he does with professionalism. He is always available in terms of communication and feedback. Felt comfortable working with him.

  • @nate-f

    I've done some work as Clank for Gamesjayplays' I Love You Colonel Sanders! Full Game Dub, and he's without a doubt a very good director. He was very clear with his instructions and what he wanted, and overall, he was very easy and fun to work with. I'm glad I'm able to work with great directors like him.

  • @namafied

    I had the great pleasure of working with Jay! He is an organized director and as well as great voice actor. He is enthusiastic about his work and his team. His management skills and clear instructions can guarantee that you will see fantastic results in his projects. He's an easy going guy that you can along with and will be there for you whenever needed.

    But most importantly, he is a great guy and a friend and I would highly recommend him for any projects.

  • @ronix

    I've voiced in Jay's Colonel Sanders and If My Heart Had Wings projects and have enjoyed working with him. He is friendly, professional, great at communicating with his team, and, most importantly, he gets things done!

    If you see a project of his that interests you, I recommend auditioning!

  • @rixila

    Jay was an absolute lifesaver for me with my series! After the original voice actor for one of my characters was unable to work on the project, Jay stepped into the role and definitely nailed it. His voice fit exactly what I had in mind, and he always gave a very strong delivery of his lines. He was also always quick to take any feedback and resubmit new takes super quickly. Jay was a pleasure to work with, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone casting! :)