God Complex

God Complex

Just a non-professional writer/voice actor trying to find my motivation by helping out people with their projects.

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About God Complex

18 years old
Agender aroace lesbian
Medium to low voice
European accent
Speaks Lithuanian, English, and Italian

What God Complex is looking for

Voice acting jobs and writing opportunities. Mod-related content is loved, anything else is accepted too.

  • @syr4_1111

    I am a voice actor for this person, I am currently voice acting two of their characters. I have to say I am really enjoying it: this person is really fun and great to work with! And they also have a beautiful voice! If you're searching for a person to help you with scripts, or a voice actress with a deep voice, this amazing person is for you!

  • @hystericality

    *provided art, not voicework
    She’s very easy to work with, and really nice about my mediocre drawings :-). I recommend working with them

  • @typicalsmile

    Currently a voice actor for one of their projects, I really wanted to highlight the extreme amount of professionalism and leadership this individual has.
    She is hardworking and kind, not to mention an absolute pleasure to work with!

  • @bees

    Great at organizing projects, maintaining communication, and treating others in group kindly! Would recommend working on their projects :)

  • @tuftyboi

    Despite being very new to one of their projects, I can already tell that she has the works of a good leader. Despite English not even being her native language, her speech form is still very fluent. But enough beating around the bush, would I recommend her? Absolutely!

  • @sophievoiceover

    I am fairly new to the projects I am working on with Marianne, but I can only say good things about them! Very organized and kind to all of the people in the projects. Work with Marianne if you can!

  • @sr_nightmare

    Marianne Salems is an amazing person and overall just a person you can rely on, They know how to direct, help, and understand the people they are casting or letting them help with projects, If you ever get the chance to be on one of their productions I would highly recommend you will not regret it!