Hello! I’m Jazmine, known as VikingPrincessJazmin or VPJ for short,  I’m a Roblox Youtuber who makes Roleplaying movie content on Roblox. 

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About VikingPrincessJazmin

Just a youtuber looking for voice actors! ^-^

What I would like to find in a voice actor is someone who can become their character and really give it that emotion, active online and active in communication, manners and is serious about their job, very productive and make sure the work is done ^-^ 

If I have worked with you before, I’d most likely would love to work with you again but I’m also very open to all voice actors as well. And would keep in contact with you for upcoming projects.

I do come back here after awhile to make more projects, whether it’s for fun or paid projects for movies/stories.

When paying, my only payment method is PayPal

Contact information 

vpjproductions @ gmail . com

  • @atlas_t

    Jazmin is one of the most understanding and communicative directors I've ever worked with. I always get a response within 24 hours, and she knows exactly what she wants for her characters! Everything needed (for voice actors at least) are ready to go the moment you're cast, so no waiting months for a single script! She has such a passion for her work and I couldn't be more thankful to have worked with her.

  • @ahrceus

    I can't thank Jazmin enough for casting me as three of her characters on her Roblox channel. She's incredibly kind, friendly, considerate, and positive! At the same time, her creativity and passion towards creating Roblox content is something I wish to commend highly. I greatly recommend her as a director. 

  • @ross-k

    Character Reveals 2 I was a VA on a video for Jazmin's Roblox viking series. End product came out great and she clearly knows her audience well. Ensured we were aware when the video came out too. Worth working with her!