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Sky Withered Rose

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Hello! My name is Sky and I'm a Gachatuber! I'm a solo creator with a smaller audience. My goal is to better my writing skills and get used to working with people, I in the future want to be a writer so I thought i might as well get an early start! since i don't really like drawing I use gacha to make my characters, I've been making videos since 2018 when gacha life was just about to be published and feel in love with the idea of making stories, I first started out with FNAF gacha content and now I'm working on my biggest project yet, The Stereotypes or TST. It's my dream to make creative stories that people can enjoy, and I hope you'll help me with that dream. 

  • @iikaino

    She is an amazing person to work with.
    She is really nice, hardworking, and passionate about what she does!
    If you get the chance i highly recommend her :)