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If you see a link that does not include bigjettts1, it will tell you the video was removed. I removed it to prevent any personal info from getting out. Future uploads will feature a link that will show my YouTube channel. My condolences for those who know a lot about me. 

I am bigjettts1, or Jettts and I am a cute adult who does voice acting. I am mostly a fanboy of Nintendo but I can get down with Puyo Puyo or Taiko No Tatsujin. The YouTube channel is the same as the name I just said. I also do ASMRs, gameplay sessions, and even streams, so if you want to chat, let me know. 

Characters I have voiced:

  • Blight - Bionicle Wars by Fries101Reviews

  • Meta Knight #3, Ken, and Steve - Eternal Dream by Ninja 28

  • Colored Pencils and Bobby - Paper Mario: The Origami King Hits Different by Kirb0

  • Fuyuhiko (Danganronpa) (Hotel Hijinks) - Jmod by TheJman5683

  • Squirtle - Smash Machinima Voice Mod Pack #1 by ITGKrosis

  • Myself (Sarcastic Guy) - Miitopia Dubbed by EC Glaceon

  • Diego and Yasuhiro - Octina's Adventures by EvanTehInklingChild

  • Max (Fenniken) - Sonic Boom Stop Motion by Daniel N

  • Tyler Goldberg - "Ours" by Crystal Moonlight

  • Dan Brown, Cody Brown, Director, Extra, and Principal - My Online Best-Friend is a Famous Singer (Voiced) by •Magical Diamond•

  • Mason Amulet - The Secret Passage by MadzMxnday

  • Graveler and Lairon - Here Comes Team Charm Fandub by SyreneFaroreVA

  • Extras - UnOrdinary Fandub by Strawberry Studios

  • Mr. Williams, Mark, and Extra - Homebloxia by Gerber Games

  • Jaden - The Governments Spies by Gacha World 2006

  • Extras - Feel The Melody With Me by •Magical Diamond•

  • Blue and Purple Wisps - Sonic Colours The Abridged Series by The Seagull Studio

  • Alveera's Father - The Pirate Adventure by •Magical Diamond•

  • NPC 1 - On Borrowed Time (Mystery Dungeon Nuzlocke) Comic Dub by Angiix08

  • NPC 1 - Trans Sawk Comic Dub by Anglix08

  • Olimar - Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Destiny of Despair by Flatzone Kingdom

  • Extras (Announcer, Finder Drone, Mr. Turtle, Namehage, Taikomaru, Takoyaki, Cotton Candy, Chick) - Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival Fandub by bigjettts1

  • Damon - Rise of the Vertebrates by MegaMattManVA

  • Mintolc - Mint and Friends by Mintolc (Announcement)

  • Jack Mays - The CarJack by The Random Recordings of Denji (Can be found on spotify)

  • Shuriken - The Captain's Contest Character Mod Pack (SRB2 Kart) by It'sLucky

  • Uranus - Planetballs by Kirby Tron 5919 Animations & Mapping

  • Kip the Capybara - Sonic Learns to Drive Comic Dub by Aizakku Analysis

  • Charles Salty, Faraday (Virgil's Vigil)- Sea Maulville's Orbituary by Jaydreamer

  • Extras - Dry Bones and the Fireworks Show by Daks

  • Meta Knight - Various Videos by DCJ 2000

  • Agent Silver (Chase) and Extras - Realm Trip by Gerber Games

  • Darya's Father - Arknights Records of Originium - Rhine Lab Fandub by shucaisan

  • Corrin - "CURSED PLOT" by ItsDanniFandom (VA and VTuber)

  • Amadeus Wolfgeist (Luigi's Mansion 3) - The Sewers by The Yuri Gamer

  • Marshall, Colonel Octo (Chapter 3 onwards) and Blaze (Chapter 4 Onwards) - (GMOD Splatoon) A.o.D by Lt. Troy

  • SMF.94 - Super Mario 64 Bloopers by SMF.64

  • Extra (Christmas Special 2) - The Trio Brigade

  • Asher - Love Boyz Audio Roleplay

  • Extras (Episode 13 Onward) - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fandub by Marabo

  • Zane - Various Gacha Life Memes and Edits by Serenity Darkmoon

  • The Cube and Keldeo - Drew Johnson's 3DS Adventures by Andrew Johnson

  • Parfum Owner - Pokemon NuzRea Comic Fandub by Anglix08

  • Rui Kamashiro - Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage Fandub by Colorful x Vocaloid

Discord: bigjettts1

  • @ec-glaceon

    For my project, one of the voice actors left suddenly, for a reason that is still a mystery to us (no it wasn't him). He was actually the one that helped me fill that hole, jumping right in to help. He offered to help me find a new voice actor for that role, and a few hours later, he got it. The new actor wasn't half-bad either! His voice acting work was also spot-on, and I would recommend him for any sort of role.

  • @SomeUsername

    Very nice voicework! I recommend you hire this lad!

  • @theknightshade26

    Bigjetts1 was a great VA in my project. They gave it their all when it came to the voices for the Blue and Purple wisps. If you heard both one after another you wouldn't even guess they were the same VA, that's the sort of range bigjetts1 has it's phenomenal.  

  • @the-yuri-gamer

    Swift response, provided precisely the voice that I was looking for. Easy communication as well.
    I would certainly recommend hiring this individual.

  • @daksdoesstuff

    Bigjettts has a fantastic range of voices to fit your project! Would recommend!