I make lego animations, I make music, I make audio dramas. I'm broke and would prefer just getting it how I live. If you don't got a problem with that, then we cool.

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About XavierSims

My name is Xzaviaire Sims (Pronounced; Ecks-zay-vee-ur Sims). A lego stop motion animator, but also a writer, average audio editor and music composer. More recently, I started doing audio dramas for certain projects I either don't have the required sets to film those with or just felt better making them into one. I'm on here in hopes of getting certain voice actors to be part of my future projects on youtube. Check me out! I was originally called "LILHBEE0" on youtube, but I've recently changed my company name to "X-Sims Entertainment". I am willing to have a big VA crew from here to join numerous of other VA's, streamers and youtubers to help bring my stories to life. Due to an experience in 2018, I choose to not post any auditions for my work on here, and would prefer contact on discord (mostly discord) and emails if I get any actors and just contact them individually. I have certain ways of doing things, not to mention, I do not tolerate certain things, but I will do my best to work with some of you. And one more thing, please understand that all of my projects are volunteer work and unpaid for financial reasons and budget constraints, (audio drama projects included). 

If I feel I have enough to pay certain actors, I can only do up to $60 and nothing more. But I am open for negociating and we'll see. For the most part though, I need a certain amount of funds for some projects I am making. Some lego sets and equipment are so expensive! So, please understand this, especially during this time and know what you're getting yourself into when it comes to my work, because I need all the help I can get. And please, be upfront with me about your plans, schedule, etc before taking on the job. And expect to receive messages for when I need you to come through with any voice lines (and please be upfront with accepting unpaid gigs or whatever project of mine that may be before wanting to help out or not). Thank you and have a nice day! You can check out my work here - https://www.youtube.com/user/LILHBEE0


For music stuff, if it's paid then my rate will vary from $25-100 depending on the project and the time it takes for me to finish it, cue by cue or all for that one project. My projects are not paid for financial reasons however. I can make arrangements and negotiations if possible but those times are rare. I would suggest looking for paid work elsewhere and don't accept anything from me if you're not looking for unpaid volunteer work. I understand people got bills to pay and eat, etc, but so do I. And another thing before considering me: I 100% reserve all rights to my work and I will be the one uploading my soundtracks. I don't want people uploading my work, even without my permission. Plus, when I put up the full soundtrack on my channel I'll credit you for the project anyway, help promote it and share the link to it. The only exception will be if you're uploading anything project-related, but not my soundtrack on it's own (It can only be used for the actual project, trailers, or videos talking about things in the project, etc). Please respect that.

What XavierSims is looking for

I'm looking for the best out of everyone I'm working with here. People who get it, and not people who don't get it. My projects mean a lot to me and want to take time out of my day to focus on them. I want to work with people who doesn't mind whatever work they're given and try to be reasonable with everything that's going on. I respect people for who they are and what they do. I'm broke as hell, but it does not stop me from getting the work I need done, and with the right people I can do it and pay them back with my support and recommendations.

  • @arielz83

    XSims2018 is a warm, charismatic director. He is very respectful of his actors, very clear in his direction and is all around very easy and pleasant to work with. I would not hesitate to work with XSims2018 again.

  • @kylesmigyles

    X is incredibly dedicated to his work and his community. Everything he does he puts his all into, which is a fantastic work ethic! It's been a blast working with him and I can't wait for his upcoming projects!

  • @toni_va

    XSims2018 is a wonderful director, who dedicates his time into building a positive community, with friendly people and high quality projects. He works extremely hard to provide us with brilliant voice over work and Xsims2018 was an absolute treat to work with. I'd be happy to further continue working with him.

  • @xavier-pz

    Great project director who has created a community of talented and dedicated people. Hopefully i will have the privelage to work with them again.

  • @ritadere

    Xavier reached out to me when I first started auditioning on here! He's a really kind individual who seems to make it part of his mission to introduce other creatives to each other. He's a very sincere person who is very passionate about his work! I really think I wouldn't be where I am so far if it wasn't partly because of his help. 

    He's also super talented so check out some of XavierSims great work on youtube! 

  • @knightofsol94

    Xzaviaire was excellent to work with he is hardworking and very talented on what he does. I just told him two words and he right away understood what I was going for my project. My advice is to pick him you won't regret it!

  • @xavier-pz

    This is the second time I have worked with the other Xavier and as always, professional and very fun to work with! I hope to have the chance again.

  • @indicremini

    Xavier is a very hardworking, considerate director and was wonderful to work with. Whether you are a VA or an artist, look out for their projects, because they make it really a great experience!