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About rogueassain

I'm Sicarius, RogueTech, Assassin, Whatever you may know me by. I am a V-Tuber/streamer and a very inconsistent content creator. I primarily do Voice Acting and I do it as a hobby, although my other skills can include some video editing, photo editing, and light graphical design.

Microphone: Movo VSM-7
Interface: Behrengier U-Phoria UM2
Soundboard: Voicemod

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Rogueassain has been with my team from the very beginning of the team's existence and he has stuck with us through thick and thin even when people started walking away. Loyal, talented, and patient, rogueassain is a valuable member of my team and one I hold to high regard. In regards with his voicing he does not disappoint. From a traveling merchant who steals spoons to a soldier conducting an interrogation, he can adapt himself to any character and situation and should definitely be considered should he audition for your project. Not to even mention the sense of humor he can bring to these characters.

    I look forward to continued work with rogueassain.