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About FilmmakerJ

Hello, my name is Jonathan.
I am an aspiring voice actor with a degree in Film production and a hobby for Illustration. An odd combo, perhaps, but it allows me to do an enormous amount of creative things.

As far as Voice-Over is concerned, I've dedicated the past 10 years to practicing my performance skills, starting out with impersonations and imitations of characters on Youtube, and later transitioning into a focus on original voices and original roles. Through this new focus, I'm cultivating a personal repertoire of voices I can rely on and use under any circumstance. Certain voices might be fun to use, but if I can't maintain them for very long, or if they don't sound as great as others I can do, then they aren't as valuable. Understanding your limits is just as important as understanding your strengths.

My personal muse is the late great Paul Frees. With decades of radio work, narration, and many memorable characters from Disney to Rankin/Bass within his portfolio, no one but Frank Welker even comes close to matching his extensive resume. And since my voice sits at about the same range as Paul's did, I have always aspired to land similar roles, including ones similar to his most famous, Prof. Ludwig Von Drake.

I think I've worked the hardest to develop my range, giving myself the option to perform both high-pitched and low-pitched characters. I've also spent many years working on a feminine sound. When you want a woman's voice, of course it's always best to hire an actress. Mine will never truly sound genuine. But, creating a feminine voice is an exciting challenge, and one that may prove helpful or ideal to someone down the road.

Hope to have fun and meet some great people here. If you like what I've done so far, I promise you won't be disappointed with what I can do for your project.

Demos & Samples

Official Character Demo

Professionally produced Character Demo, featuring 12 distinct voices and performances across my entire range.

"Treasure Planet" One-Man Audio Drama (Scene) (Nov 2018)

From my Youtube Channel and Soundcloud profile, this is my one-man audio re-creation of a scene from Disney's "Treasure Planet." This particular scene I've been memorizing for over 10 years, "Treasure Planet" being one of my top favorite Disney films, so it was quite a treat to finally perform it. Every voice is my own, unaltered. And all the sound effects you hear were rebuilt from scratch using

"Crash Bandicoot 3" Opening Cut-scene Audio Drama (Scene) (Nov 2018)

A one-man audio re-creation of the opening cutscene to "Crash Bandicoot: Warped!" Had particular fun recreating Uka-Uka's deep gutteral tone, which was digitally altered, just like it was for the original game. Every voice is my own, unaltered. And all the sound effects and music you hear were rebuilt from scratch using tracks and loops.

  • @shin-red-dear

    Jon is a talented and versatile voice actor with a wide range and great acting mastery, from spunky heroes to intimidating villains. FilmJ is also a visual artist and a movie director and such experience in many creative fields is a big bonus! I highly recommend him for your projects.

  • @imar_moralesrivera

    FilmmakerJ (Jonathan Leiter) is very dedicated when it comes to his work. He worked with me on a project of mine as one of the major roles, and despite any obstacles that came along during production, Leiter managed to overcome them quite easily. I really enjoyed listening to his lines whenever he turned them in due to the fact that he puts an effort into recording that is beyond average expectations. It is without doubt or uncertainty that I would recommend this hardworking, vocally flexible professional to work with anyone on their projects.

  • @radio-squidworks

    FilmmakerJ has been one of my favorite Voice Actors to work with!
    Professional, talented, and versatile he would be a great addition to any cast or project. They only thing I regret working with him is not utilizing his talent for larger roles.

    Thanks for all your efforts! I Hope to have the pleasure of working with you again.

    -Jimi S.
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @radio-squidworks

    Another FANTASTIC job by FilmmakerJ!
    This was not my first time working with him and I hope it wont be my last. This time he played the role of Soos in my Gravity Falls audio drama project and was spot on brilliant. He's clearly a versatile and talented voice actor. I highly recommend this guy!

    Thanks again for another AMAZING performance!

    -Jimi S.
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @mini-mint

    I provided voice work for FilmmakerJ on his DuckTales ReVoiced project and it was an amazing opportunity. Not only is he an great director but he also has a huge range of voices and is insanely talented. He also makes sure that if he starts a project he finishes it. The projects he has are also of very high quality. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

  • @justin-hollobaugh

    Talented, passionate, professional, and hardworking; that's how I would describe FJ. I was VERY fortunate to work for FJ on a project of his; "DuckTales ReVoiced". The quality of work that he produced, directed, and acted in was superb! Additionally, his artistic talent blew me away! It isn't everyday that you come across such a creative and talented producer! The amount of detail he put into his work clearly shows his passion and love for what he does. These are rare qualities found on CCC. FJ's final production of "DuckTales ReVoiced" is clearly a testament that he is a cut above the rest.

  • @cameron-miller

    If you are looking for a fun and smooth director, look no further. Working with FilmmakerJ on his Ducktales project was an absolute joy, and I recommend any VA works with him. You'll come out on the other side with new skills you never knew you had, all thanks to him. I'd work with him again in a hearbeat.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Jonathan Is An Amazing Voice Actor With Great Vocal Range And Great Acting! I Would Work With Him Again, Any Day. ;)