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Brad Storm

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About Brad Storm

Hello, my name is Brad Storm, and I have a background being behind the mic as a voice over artist, ring announcer, podcaster, and host for television.  I have broadcasting degrees from both the University of Georgia and Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  I also have 15 years of experience as a firefighter, which has taught me communication skills that allow for clear and concise communication and excellent customer service.  My professional studio allows me the ability to offer fast return on any and all projects.  My passion is truly in creating a variety of voices for your project needs.

Closing Credits - 2021

Audio Engineering For Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs

Some of my completed projects from class

Closing Credits - 2021

Business For Voice Actors

Instructed by John Wang

With the skills I learned in business for voice actors, I learned to better manage my business by setting realistic goals, managing my budget and learning how to effectively communicate with leads/clients.

Vo Tech Guru - 2019

The Audition Ready Audio Course

Instructed by Tim Tippets

This course helped me learn about various frequencies and what to listen for when making cuts in audio.  

The VO Academy - 2021

Group Coaching

Instructed by Cory Rimes

Different mentors are featured every month.  I've improved on my acting, audio engineering, script breakdowns and improv skills.

A Vo's Journey - 2019

A Vo's Journey Mastermind

Instructed by Anthony Pica

Various instructors have helped me improve on my business, acting, narrating and audio engineering skills.


Feel free to reach out to me anytime for a quote on a job.

What Brad Storm is looking for

My clients reside locally/worldwide and are looking for a voice for their internal radio station, local tv commercial or to promote their small business online. Any company/client that is looking for a conversational, friendly voice.

My clients work in animation and also develop whiteboard presentations and YouTube videos.

My clients are promoters for both MMA/Professional Wrestling looking for a voice over to preview an upcoming fight card to the fans through social.

My clients write children's books and are also new authors looking to add something more to their literary masterpieces. I also work with clients improving their audio editing skills and on their script deliveries.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Brad Is a Pretty Good Voice Actor. He's Got a Nice Voice And Acting's Pretty Good. Would Work With Him, Again. ;)

  • @lightmelody

    Working with him has been a nice experience. Great to work with, Great voice, quick turn in of lines. Also able to understand his characters personalities and present them in his acting. Worth having him on the cast.

  • @joshua-64

    I've known Brad for a good amount of time; and, I have to say, he is a phenomenal Voice Actor, his voice has a lot of range and flexibility. If you need it, he can make it happen, he is very detail-oriented. He asks questions about the character you have him play, and he really helps develop personality for the individual in the script, he's amazing. He can help you with narration; animation and character work; video games; commercials; etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • @VOArt

    Brad is a Pro when it comes to Ring Announcements or any other VO work. Excellent Voice Actor and Coach for VO. A true mentor and friend. Also excellent with Video and Audio Editing.

    Punch Everyday in the Face!

  • @mel-rose

    Brad is an incredible and talented team player and professional.No matter which side of the mic he's on - as an actor or audio/visual/tech engineer - you can count on him for 110% commitment to your project. Brad's creativity, skill and perspective makes everything he works on a unique standout! Highly Recommend!