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Sup, dudes and dudettes! My name is Shaquille Hawkins from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. I'm a hardcore gamer, a manga artist, an audio-video editor, an aspiring voice actor, and a chill back guy who enjoys being around family and close friends. Being a voice-over artist and a voice actor means a lot to me. I learn a lot from auditioning in projects outside of my own. By doing so, I learn more and more about the voice over industry and I hope to gain more experience by being here.

I have taken three semesters of acting classes, and two semesters of voice-over classes. So I do have some acting and voice-over experiences on me, but my true talent is editing. Throughout the past few years, I've gained knowledge on how to edit audio and video to make them as they see fit. I've also written, produced and directed a project before, too, and it was one that I created with my own hands.

You can find me on Discord and I hope we can get to collaborate with one another.

My Projects

  • Pure Bond  

  • Creator, Producer, Director, Writer, Voice Actor, and Audio Engineer

  • Soul Calibur OC Battles 

  • Co-Producer, Director, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

  • Fire Emblem Awakening: Support Conversations (Fandub) 

  • Producer, Director, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Fandub)

  • Producer, Director, Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer

Voice Acting Roles

  • Pure Bond / Shaquille Hawkins

  • Narrator, Tony Johnson

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Fandub) / Shaquille Hawkins

  • Jin Kisaragi & Hakumen

  • BlazBlue IV: Central Fiction (Fandub) / Marquille Hawkins

  • Relius Clover

  • Nesia: Legend of Cosieda / Jeffery Hebert

  • Vane

  • Under-Night In Birth Exe:Late (Fandub) / Sol Strife

  • Akatsuki

  • DanganRonpa V3 (Fandub) / Sol Strife 

  • Ryoma Hoshi

  • Persona 3 (Fandub) / Sol Strife

  • Ikutski

  • Project X Zone 2 (Fandub) / Brooklyn Dizzy

  • Chris Redfield

  1. BlazBlue IV: Central Fiction (Fandub) / Sol Strife

  2. Iron Tager


    I'm willing to work for free in order to gain more experience as an aspiring voice actor. The more I do it, the more knowledge I'll receive from it.


    • Clients/Project

    1. Jeffery Hebert (Nesia: Legend of Cosieda)  - Vane


    3. Sol Strife (Under-Night In Birth Fandub) - Akatsuki



    1. Sol Strife (Persona 3 Fandub) - Ikutski



    From Raultv: "Oh my gosh!!! Yours was awesome! If nobody else could compete with your audition the part maybe yours :D"

    Project: Sword Art Online Fan Dub Project

    From BestofNesia: "Really good! Your one of the few who auditioned for Vane who's voice fits!"

    Project: Nesia (Legend of Cosieda)

    From Speny37VA: "Both your auditions were exellent! Your titanium dragon is exactly what i'm looking for!"

    Project: Dragon Soul

    Casting Calls and Auditons

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