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Hey, you, you're finally awake.

You were trying to find a writer, right? Walked right into Casting Call Club's ambush. Same as me, and all of my testimonials and recommendations...

But no seriously, hey there! Welcome to my CCC Profile. I go by a few aliases. Cú na Saoirse, kvatchcount, bubblehead (on account of my head having been shaped like a bubble when I was younger). I used to go by Coconut of Doom, but lately I have changed it after embracing my Irish heritage.

I'm a 23 year old guy from Fort Riley, Kansas living in the Floridian Panhandle baking in the heat and nerding out on Fallout, Persona, and The Elder Scrolls while sipping on coffee.

I'm a writer by trade, been writing since I was 13 and haven't quit yet and I like to think, as does many people who've seen my work, that it is pretty - as the kids say - dope.

An interesting fact is that I also possess a Microsoft Word Specialist Certification.

But besides being a writer, I like to game, mod, play Dungeons and Dragons, and I used to run my international modding team known as The Court of Kvatch before I gave it up in favor of writing.

I also like coffee..... like.... I'm in LOOOOOOOOVE with it.

If you want me to write for you, my pricing details are below. :)

(I know it says in my Trophy case to the right that I marked myself as a troll. Was just fooling around, this account is legit, I promise.)

  • @sunshinedaisy

    Professional conduct, gives updates on the project regularly, makes sure the VAs are comfortable, actively involved in communication with everyone in the project. I provided lines for a character in his upcoming mod for Fallout: New Vegas and will likely be providing more as our working together continues. Not only is Coconut of Doom a professional when it comes to his projects, but also a great person to know altogether. He will keep you up to date on the project as well as being a friendly and nice person to talk to in general. Definitely recommended.

  • @redleader327

    Coconut of Doom allowed me to live out one of my dreams, and that is voicing characters in Fallout. He is easy to work with and friendly. I’d happily work with him again!

  • @silentuschi

    Coconut was looking for some VA's to help him with a mod for Fallout 3 and chose ME for one of the characters! I'm so excited I could be in one of my favorite franchises! He was super friendly and answered all my questions about the role. I would LOVE to work with him again!!

  • @violita

    Coconut of Doom gave me the honor of voicing a character in one of my favorite game franchises: Fallout. He was amazingly easy to work with, answered all of my questions quickly, and was professional and friendly. I would 100% work with him again.

  • @dhippi

    Respectful. Professional. Responsive. Everything you could ask for in a GOOD project lead. I've worked with him for about 9 months now; His constant updates and attention to detail in his projects gave me a sense of importance and belonging. Unlike other people I've worked with, there's never any ghosting or general lack communication, he is always on top of his game! He's dedicated and passionate about his projects and i am honored to have taken part in more than one of his glorious works of art! Thank you for the opportunities you've given me and i look forward to continued collaborations in the future.

  • @ross-k

    I provided the voice of a Hillbilly trader character for Cu Na Saoirse's "New Vegas" Game mod. I really enjoyed working with him for his quick communication, fun writing, and just being very easy to work with. A very talented game modder/programmer who I would happily work for again in a heart beat.

  • @jesseg

    Cú na Saoirse was lovely to work with! Quick to reply and gave a detailed script with everything needed to get the job done, would happily work with him again.

  • @marystan

    Cu Na Saoirse was amazing to work with! Great communication, accurate instructions, very understanding and always willing to answer questions! 10/10 would recommend!

  • @lady-theta

    I’ve provided voices for cu-na-saoirse for two past projects. He’s excellent with communications and answers any questions to his best. Always kept me updated on our projects and is very easy to work with. I look forward in providing more voice work on future projects with cu-na-saoirse!

  • @complete-the-circuit

    Excellent to work with, communicative and enthusiastic about the project, and overall just a very pleasant experience!

  • @dawnglyph

    I've had the pleasure to provide voice work for several of his projects. His communication is clear, the excitement he has for his projects is infectious, and the instructions he provides are easy to follow and lead to great, varied characters that bring some much-needed additional life to existing games, or overhaul those games with exciting new stories. One couldn't ask for a better project lead, and I hope to have opportunity to work with him again in the future!

  • @Phyrematrix

    Cu-na-saoirse was fantastic to work with. They were organized and communicative. They even provided some background information on my character. I'd be honored to work with them again on whatever future projects they're producing.

  • @coyote123

    Cast me in a mod. Easy to work with.

  • @Max-L

    This man brings the structure of a whole studio with him and he will manage you most excellently. He's eager to listen to the input of the people he works with and quick to respond to any inquiries or questions.

    You can't go wrong with his projects, I'd advice everyone on CCC to audition for them!

  • @coyote123

    Clear on direction. would work with again.

  • @Claire_Mc

    I was delighted to work on a video game mod project with him. Great characters that were fun to play. He was very organized, responsive, and offered clear direction, which made the working relationship easy!

  • @jb3298

    Cu na Saoirse is wonderful and an exceptional writer. Straight to the point and very creative in his endeavors. I reccommend him for his storytelling abilities, detail oriented writing and his respectful and courteous conduct.

  • @jorbet

    Cu na Saoirse was a great project manager to work with. He gave me much needed feedback on one of my first auditions in my VO career. More importantly, he gave me the opportunity to resubmit after listening, and he didn't hold my first take against me. After getting the part, working with him was extremely easy. He gave me room to work and gave clear instructions. I highly recommend anyone to audition for his projects.