Excited to lend my voice to female characters! Feel free to get in touch. Feedback and friendship are always welcome!

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About Glyph

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my profile.

From perfecting Pokémon imitations in the school yard, to recording dramatic re-enactments of my favourite cartoon scenes, I've been passionate about voice acting since the late 90s. My dream job as a child was to become a voice actress - instead I ended up in IT. Go figure!

That said, in late 2022 I found the courage to try to make my voice acting hobby into something to share with others. I aim to bring characters to life beyond the lines written on the screen; to really embody them, and make them truly memorable.
My range ranges (heh) from the ready-for-anime high-pitched into a deeper, more mature cadence.

Thus far, I've had the honour of lending my voice to the lovely projects listed below.

In progress 

  • Fallout 2 Talking Heads Mod - Mira

  • Fallout: Nuevo México
    - Clara

  • (Skyrim mod) Val Serano - Jena

  • (Fandub) Legend of Dragoon - Shirley

  • (Fandub) Fire Emblem Awakening Outrealm Fandubs Lost Bloodlines - Arya, Nah, Altena

  • (Audio book) Bioshock: Rapture Fan Audio - Professor Julie Langford, Anna Culpepper

  • (Skyrim mod) Hestra's Nest - Hestia


What Glyph is looking for

Available to voice Female characters for games, mods, animation, or other projects in need of a voice!
Capable of general British, North American, Russian, and European (Dutch, generic) accents.

  • @betalille

    I have been working on multiple voice acting projects with Glyph and I can say that she is one of the best I have ever met! She always gives her 200% in the characters she voices and tries her best to impersonate the characters and their accents (if based on already existing lore).

    Recommended 100%, and would work with her anytime!

  • @craftian

    Despite it apparently being her first major role, Glyph was great in voicing Eiva for Old Blood. She took the feedback onboard and captured her personality very well. Recommended.

  • @captainpoldark

    I've worked alongside Glyph on a couple of projects, and heard her voice in a variety of roles in those projects. Her ability to truly give life to her characters is inspiring, and I look forward to working with her in the future. 

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Glyph has been an ace in the hole since we first met. To give you an idea, she approached me some time ago for a Star Wars project to lend her voice to various alien races of the project. Our collaboration continued some time later for a few mods for Fallout: New Vegas. From NCR Troopers and Rangers to Female Kings Gang Members. Glyph can do it all. Not only that, but she's highly communicative and swift with her work, and it's also clear she takes pride in what she does as she delivers quality AND quantity every. Single. Time. I highly value the work she has given me and would 100% work with her again should the opportunity arise. Keep shining, Glyph!