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About JesseG

Hi there!

I'm Jesse and I've always been interested in the world of voice-acting and narration! Although I've not had formal or academic training, I've been recording and narrating professionally for many years now. Past that, I'm still happy to audition for roles and see where it takes me!

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    JesseG approached me during a casting call for a modding project titled NCR Marines. The project was to bring a new type of NCR Trooper - Marines - to the world of FNV but with a twist: They aren't the Marines we know and love today but instead are penal soldiers that often sent on suicide missions. These Marines come from various backgrounds: Deserters, indicted civil servants, former Raiders, former Brotherhood Paladins. Our first interaction was him asking me if he could audition even though he was British and thus had an accent that wouldn't rightly fit the theme of the mod.

    I told to go ahead and audition and we would see what would happen. Little did I realize that, for his first project, he was going to stun me.

    I should state that he voiced a Former Brotherhood Paladin. The voice he gave for that character was phenomenal. It really sold me on the idea that this guy in particular is an intelligent individual and has seen heavy combat before. His lamenting of the NCR while also admitting that pressing himself into service was the smart decision shows a sense of pragmatism that JesseG brought to life in a very effective and believable manner.

    Further more, he was swift with getting his work in and punctual with making up anything that was missing.

    I would definitely work with JesseG again should the chance come up.

    Proof of work received: