Hannah Hebblethwaite

Hannah Hebblethwaite

Scottish Voice Actor 🎙️ Discord: hannahhebb

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About Hannah Hebblethwaite

I am a Scottish voice actor that has lived in the North of England for over a decade. I have a warm, informative voice but can also sound authoritative when needed. I am a quick learner so can pick up new accents quickly.

I have loved video games from a young age and have always liked to do impressions of the voices I find interesting.

...yes I was the weird kid always putting on voices!

I am capable of providing an enthusiastic and high energy voice to your commercial or a softer, more enticing read depending on your requirements! I can voice multiple kinds of characters to suit your video game or animation; I can go from a friendly gnome, to a gossiping innkeeper, to a bossy guild master, to an evil witch and more!

I use a Neumann TLM103 with a K&M 23956 Popkiller via a GoXLR audio interface in my Snap Studio Vocal Booth.

What Hannah Hebblethwaite is looking for

Would love to work on video games or anything fantasy related but open to anything.

  • @Sam-Z

    Believable line delivery, with impressive turnaround speeds. Great to work with!

  • @thelesbiangoblin

    Hannah did a fantastic job at voice acting for me. She was helpful and gave me plenty of version to pick from for each line I asked for. She also delivered them exceedingly fast. Additionally when asked to improvise Hannah did not disappoint in the slightest. Her ability to fit the role in combination with her professional pace makes this recommendation a no-brainer from my part.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about Hannah Hebblethwaite? Well, I'll tell you. Firstly, let me just say that they were a great pleasure to work with. Very friendly, very passionate about their work, and very eager to do what they do. Secondly, they had a quick turn around rate that was amazing. I was able to get the script out and get the work back in a very swift manner that made working on the mod we worked on - Encounters of The Mojave - The Fort - much easier and much quicker. I would gladly work with them again if given the chance, and I highly recommend their services to anyone they audition for.