Michelle J

Michelle J

Hi there! I'm an aspiring voice artist who wants to help bring your characters to life and be heard.https://michellejordanvo.carrd.co/

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About Michelle J

I've been many things in my short life. I grew up on video games and cartoons and always admired the personality characters had just from their voices in the things I played and watched. So here I am, wanting to be a part of the creative process that I have so long been a fan of my entire life. 

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    What can I say about Michelle J? Well, I'll just go ahead and tell you. It's great.

    Michelle J approached me for a FNV project titled Encounters of the Mojave. Their role seemed insignificant, but that didn't stop them putting in all their effort and time into making the character seem real and alive. Coupled with their fast work pace and friendly demeanor, it was a pleasure working with them and I would gladly, if given the opportunity, work with them again any time, any day of the week.