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Hello, I've been doing voice acting since 2019 and voiced in many great fandub videos. My natural voice is a medium deep tone but has a variety of pitches. To hear my voice in work visit my YouTube link and there's more to come!

Voice Ranges: Child, Teen, Young Adult, Middle Age and Elderly

Interest: Animation, Movie Trailers, Videogames, Audiobooks, Business, Documentaries, Educational, Internet Video, Radio, Telephone and Television

Thank you for considering my voice!


Very quick with her turn in times when it comes to sending lines in and has come to save the day when it comes to needing to cast a quick role for my projects. Lady Theta is also very comfortable when it comes to shouting and showing emotion in her many roles I have worked on her with.Also presents a very unique voice, which allows her to stand out from everyone else. Her range is also very vast. She is able to play strong and independent women, to excitable young girls and even little boys too.Lady Theta is an asset to any project and I hope to continue working with her more in the future!

-Brooklyn Dizzy


I would highly recommend Lady Theta for any kind of voice work. She is able to turn her lines in quickly and effectively, and to a high standard! Her ability to portray different characters has landed her many different roles, both in my projects and projects we have voiced together in.No matter the role, she's always exceeds expectations, and is able to match the character’s personality and quirks, while also adding a little of her own spice in order to make the character even more unique, and in several cases even better!Lady Theta is very hard working and dedicated when it comes to projects. Her great work ethic, acting ability and fast turnaround time make her a valued cast member to each project she takes part in!Finally, and most importantly, Lady Theta is VERY active and great at communication! She is always kind, friendly and professional, and I very much enjoy working with her!



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lady Theta for 4 projects now, and in each successive production she has greatly outperformed the roles she had auditioned for. Lady Theta has consistently delivered exceptional recordings, and has always demonstrated a professional attitude. I am confident that Lady Theta’s extraordinary acting talent would be a great asset to any future productions.

- Arithen


Lady Theta is a fine, talented actress who brings a lot to her roles. She really knows how to bring a character to life. I strongly recommend her to other content creators looking for someone with top-notch talent like her.

-Nick Copeland


Lady Theta's performance was phenomenal in these following projects. Firstly, her ability to capture the personality and breathing life into the character was outstanding. Much like how the character behaves in the original source material, Lady Theta masterfully replicated this manner with her amazing portrayal. As for her interpretation as Cammy, apart from displaying several emotions throughout the episode, Lady Theta was capable of playing the character while putting on a British accent which she consistently used during her recording without switching back to her original accent. Not many actors are able to be consistent with their performance but  Lady Theta has definitely impressed me without a doubt.

 I would recommend anyone to hire or collaborate with her, as she has proven to be very versatile with her performance.

- RanuYasha (Mohamed A.)


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  • @cdo947214

    Excellent voice actress. Very reliable.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    I've noticed her around the site, as he she had auditioned to two of my projects in the past. However, in the latter project she was cast as a Diamond Dog Soldier named Emerald Hound. She did awesome! Her microphone was top quality, her emotion was raw and realistic, and - for the short time she had in this story - had really sold me on the idea of "Badass heroine". I recommend her to anyone needing such talent.

  • @brooklyndizzy

    I've known and worked with LadyTheta since 2019. She's incredibly hard working and dedicated to each role she voices. She always delivers her lines on time and is always open to feedback! She works in a friendly and professional manner, and takes feedback very well! I definitely recommend her for your project as she has been an asset in mine! 

  • @serenesea

    Lady Theta has leant her voice to several of my projects, and every role she has voiced she has delivered a stellar performance! With each role she handles, she gives a unique voice that makes her stand in a very good! Her range is also SO big, and her lines are always turned in early! Also, Lady Theta is a very kind and positive person, and super awesome to work with! 100% recommend! 

  • @qaz123342

    Lady Theta is quite passionate on her recordings. She is also punctual and listens to critiques well for revisions. I recommend her for having easy synergy, cooperation, and passion for her work.

  • @cristina21

    She brings out the characters to life, I have to say her voice acting Is incredible and is a joy to work with 

  • @dhvo

    She's an enthusiastic actress and willing to take direction. I always say the best voice actors are those who have a natural passion for it and are willing to participate for the sake of honing their craft - much like theatre. I think she's the perfect example of a passionate individual who will go far.

  • @deleted233772

    Lady Theta is Great Voice Actress. I Respect her and Anything She Does. She Voices The Likes of Midari and Kirari From Kakegurui and Toph From Avatar: The Last Airbender For Projects and Videos. I recommend her to anyone.

  • @newjerseyartist

    Simply put, Lady Theta is the sweetest, most talented VA I've ever met. Since her voiceover works in "Spaced Out", "PatriotiCat: America's Defender", and "Strange Journey II", she gave every single one of her characters her all, and I couldn't be any more grateful than I already am. I definitely recommend her if you guys have any projects in the works. If you ever want a voice actress who can get the job done, look no further than Lady Theta. You won't regret it!

  • @deleted575502

    Lady Theta is an amazing voice actor to work with! She's nice, kind and responsible with the given task. She delivers her lines pretty quick and does so with clear and clean audio. She gives an excellent performance and you can feel every single emotion she puts into the characters. She always makes things super easy for me. Honestly I always feel so relaxed around her and feel a sense of trust too. I've already worked on two projects with her and she never disappoints. I highly recommend working with her!

  • @octahedralprism

    Lady Theta was successful in bringing to life a character I wrote, with personality, in a timely manner and quality audio!