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About SunshineDaisy

Hi there! I'm Kelly, a voice artist in her 20s from Estonia.

Since 2018 I have lent my voice to video game productions such as the wildly successful "The Machine, And Her", "IXION" and "Wild Sky Tower Defense", as well as internet commercials, explainer videos, phone systems, narrations, and many more.

I perform fluently both in Estonian and English, in voice over as well as on stage or film. If you have a project I can help bring to life, don't hesitate to contact--I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Some past clients include Bulwark Studios, LEDVANCE, Funovus, WarRoom Cellars, Tenapors, YappyKids, VanOnGo, Dr. OHHIRA.



Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Listen to more of my demos on Softspokenvoice.

NB: I will be doing all recordings from home.

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  • @sunnypenguingames

    Excellent range, fast worker, professional conduct and quick to respond. Sunshine Daisy was cast as Mary in our upcoming game, Mysteries of Peak Valley 3: The Ruin of Souls, and gave a powerful, emotionally charged performance. Highly recommended!

  • @selected

    she is a very good voice actor and an amazing person and so helpful. honestly she's the best. if you get a audition form her and it isn't what you want just get in touch with her and you will see why you should cast her. I hope all the best for her in the future. good luck shine, keep going , and stay amazing

  • @nathan-freeman

    SunshineDaisy is a great person to work with, she sent me multiple recordings quickly and professionally and they were exactly what I needed. She was determined to get the best out of her voice, very knowledgeable regarding file formats which helped me to solve a issue I was having.
    Would recommend she is a pleasure to work with!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    I have had SunshineDaisy on staff for the majority of my project's existence - since its infancy in fact. She has diligently and continuously proven that she is a greatly talented voice actress capable of a great multitude of different characters with a wide range of differing personalities: From a captive hardened by her time and abuse behind bars to a fancy, blue-blooded attendant at a casino meant for only for the richest of people, all the way to a simple small time criminal in a chain gang. Time after time has she proven herself capable of handling any assignment thrown her way, and time after time has she delivered fantastically. She is also a great and friendly person to know all around, awesome to talk to and just shoot the breeze with and very easy to work with when discussing project work. Her work provided in the link below is only a fraction of the work she has done for me, and I am proud to have had her voice both Simply Uncut - New Vegas and Femgangers.

  • @nika_cola

    What can I say about Sunshine Daisy, other than that *she* is the reason that "The Machine, And Her" is as successful as it has been. Players spend hours and hours with her as the voice of Kit, and feedback has been unanimously, overwhelmingly positive.

    Without Sunshine's talents, this project would have seen the light of day. I owe all its success to her--and if you're looking to cast a versatile, hardworking VA, *you* owe it to yourself to give her a listen. Hearing is believing!


  • @ynstbih

    ShunshineDaisy is true to her name. She is very bright and pleasant to work with. Her high charisma and raw talent comes through beautifully in each word she speaks, making you feel she is the character she has taken on.
    Simply a joy to work with and will be enlisted in future projects.
    Highly recommended.

  • @Pumpkin-Eater

    Truly perfect at performing what I was looking for, very quick at responding and recording, and absolutely delightful to work with. Can’t possibly recommend enough :)