Hello! My name is Cece. I am a voice actor and writer. 

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About Claire_Mc

I love reading and acting, and would love the opportunity to bring your project to life! I have been passionate about voice acting since I was a kid, constantly mimicking cartoons and actors of all backgrounds until I got it right. That being said, I can perform in various accents and emotional ranges. My experience so far consists of audiobook narration, but I am also interested in podcasts and video games. 

Now that the enthralling minutiae are covered, here's some other stuff.

I am happiest when it is raining. I am not ashamed of my affinity for cats. And I like to play video games, but only like 3 of them because I just become obsessed and play the same thing for years on end. 

I have a certificate in proofreading and editing. Hence the reading enjoyment thing.