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About Violita

Stephanie Davenport

Content Creator & Voice Actor

Personal Skills:

- Calm and level voice, skilled in clear narration.

- Naturally detail-oriented and dedicated to delivering quality results.

Personal Interests:

- Pursuing a career in voice over work in addition to multimedia ventures.

- Expanding that career to include professional voice acting in entertainment media.

Software Skills:

Comfortable with a wide range of media software suites, including audio
and video editing software, graphic design software, and social media

- Specific software strengths include: Audacity, Gimp, and Open Broadcaster Software.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Violita is a friendly woman and great voice actress. Her ability to create a believable downcast character is certainly a great talent amongst VAs (especially with the ones I work with, who can somehow make a sad character still seem happy no matter what) and she is definitely a VA worth casting.