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About Otellino

Hi there! I'm Thomas, and tend to go by Otellino around these here internet parts. I've made somewhat of a reputation for making Fallout mods about everyone's favourite villains, the Enclave. I'm very grateful for all the very talented people on here who are willing to donate their free time to take our mods to the next level. :)

  • @oridaellin

    I provided voice work for Otellino for a Fallout 4 Mod he was making. He was very quick in every aspect of the project and made my life very easy. He was up front about what he wanted and provided the script along with his recording guidelines almost immediately upon being cast.

    Providing voicework for Otellino was one of the smoothest projects I've worked on and I would absolutely do so in the future!

  • @alimackscot

    Otellino cast me in my first role from Casting Call, and was an absolute pleasure to work for.

    He set out a very clear script and expectations for the project from the start and was very quick to respond with any changes or edits that needed made, with lots of encouraging positive feedback. I would happily work for him again and recommend him to other voice actors .

    I hope future collaborations I experience on Casting Call are as smooth and professional as this first one was.

  • @moongem

    I joined the America Rising 2 cast pretty late, but Otellino ran a good ship and had some of the most professional scripts I have received! Would love to work with him again!