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About NerdyBird Studios

What is NerdyBird Studios?

NerdyBird Studios is a One-Man Indie Game Development Studio, run by myself, LukeTheGameDev.

About me:

I'm from Yorkshire, England, and I was born in 1999.

From a young age, I've always had an avid interest in both video games, and cartoons.

In pursuit of a lifelong ambition to develop my own games, I learned how to code through online tutorials, and published my first project on Steam, an Idle Clicker, in 2020.

Going forward, I have decided to dedicate myself to mostly making Visual Novels, a genre that I love playing and that I feel I could produce with better quality than my previous games.

My other interests include yoga, hiking, spending time with my family, memes, sports, fitness, dank memes, procrastinating, eating, and writing.

Favourite TV Show? Avatar the Last Airbender.
My recommended Visual Novels? Lucid9 or Cinderella Phenomenon.

If you'd like to know anything else, feel free to ask!

Do you have any previous projects?

My first publicly released title was Potion Commotion, which is now available to download on Steam. The game is fully voiced and tasks you with becoming a Wizard's assistant, who needs to grow a garden full of ingredients to be used in Potion Making.

Prior to this, I also created a private University project in collaboration with my Brother.
My Bro produced the Soundtrack to accompany the platformer I had created. It was very well received, though isn't (currently) publicly available.

What are your aims?

I hope to produce games that are unique, memorable, and that invoke positive emotions out of those who play them.

My dream is to build a dedicated following behind my projects and see fan-made content like artwork, or music based on my creations.

Why should I take part in your project?

Great question! Well, I like to think of myself as someone who is friendly, patient, and easy to work with. I don't take myself too seriously, yet I'm passionate about what I do. I'm also very open-minded and will listen to any feedback or ideas you may have. But most importantly, I'll try to make each project as enjoyable as possible, and a priority of mine will be trying my best to make your time spent as part of this team, worthwhile.

  • @xanderphillips

    NerdyBird Studios were incredibly professional, organised and work very hard at what they do.

    I'm honoured to be a part of their game "Potion Commotion" and they have a promising career ahead of them.
    I would love to work with them again.

  • @danieljmclean

    Luke and NerdyBird Studios have been a pleasure to work with! This young, lead game developer has a bright future ahead of him not just because of his creative sense, but also because of his well-rounded humor, professionalism and personable, empathetic nature. I would gladly work with them again at some point on any future endeavors! All the best, Luke and NerdyBird! It's all up from here!

  • @bmvoices

    While I may be just a cute little monster in their projects thus far, I'm someone who absolutely loves NerdyBird Studios. Luke is extremely polite and one of the nicest project leads I've spoken to in my time as a voice actor. I would work for both the studio and Luke again any time of the week no matter what project they've got because of how professional and down to earth everything is.

    All the love mate.

  • @enovotnyva

    Working with Luke and NerdyBird Studios has been a wonderful experience. Luke is a kind, professional person to work with. He is also very passionate and determined about his work. “Potion Commotion” is such a fun, comical game that you would be glad you decided to play. Not only testing out the game but also providing voice work made it so enjoyable. I would gladly work with Luke again! Wishing you all the best Luke!

  • @remarano

    If you ever get the opportunity to work with Luke, you are one of the luckiest people in the VO community. He's amazing to work with! Not only is he super talented, but also kind, funny, and hardworking. He was always in communication with his voice talents, whether it was for professional reasons, to share a laugh, or to be a shoulder to cry on. Most importantly though, he gets the job done (which is something not every project creator on this website does)! Finding this combination of talent, personality, and work ethic in a project creator is rare nowadays. I could not recommend him more, and I am so proud to be part of his newest video game Potion Commotion!

  • @ronix

    Luke (the man behind NerdyBird Studios) is a great guy to work with! I voiced in his first game, Potion Commotion, and loved being a part of his team. Luke is very good at communicating with his actors about game progress and line requirements. He has a very good work ethic and sees his projects through to the end. On top of being professional, he is a great person. He does his best to make sure everyone feels welcome in his discord server and maintains a warm community. His kindness and sense of humor make him a great person to be around, and I would definitely work with him again.

    If you see a project from him, audition!

  • @nadiagqiu

    Luke is awesome to work with!

    He knows what he wants and make sure to let you know how appreciative of you work he is. He also creates a little community with all the people involved with/in his projects. He is very invested and passionate about them as well, which means you don't have to be afraid that the project will be abandoned mid way.

    He is friendly, passionate, kind and basically everything you want in a producer/director/game developer.

    Thanks Luke!

    Check out his latest game: Potion Commotion!

  • @timerunner

    Luke provided clear and direct instruction about what he was looking for in the character I voiced. He is a communicative director who is respectful and enjoyable to work with on his projects.

  • @serioussiddle

    Working with Luke was a fantastic experience! His organisation and communication were great. He immediately responded to any questions or issues and provided a document detailing not only the necessary dialogue but instructions about file types and labelling which made the process smooth and efficient. The work he's done creating a fully working video game pretty much single handedly is amazing and I'm very proud to have been a part of this project. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!

  • @josh-smith

    I had the pleasure to work with Luke and NerdyBird Studios on their project: "The Most Awesome Game Ever Made." I love the humor, the style and the colorful cast of delightful little characters. Luke was very warm and welcoming and made the whole process very smooth and enjoyable! Communication and compensation was prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to audition for any of their projects in the future. Can't wait to see what Luke and NBS do next!

  • @NoisyRooster

    I had a wonderful opportunity to work with NerdyBird Studios in his newest game: The Most Awesome Game Ever Made!

    He's super friendly, prompt, supportive and has wonderful communication every step of the way. The direction was always very clear and concise and the team was kept updated throughout the process. I had a ton of fun auditioning for every role available and am really proud to be a part of this latest project. I highly recommend any project NerdyBird Studios has going on and I can only hope we can work together again sometime! 

  • @TimHarrod

    Communicative, professional, knows just what he wants, and has an excitement about his work that carries over to the performer. A great time to work with!