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About lunarsea

I earned a living, for a time, doing voice-over work and looping for a major film and television casting director.   Nice gettin' SAG rates, turning up to work in denims, no hair and makeup... and still chewing on the residuals.

Right now, I'm loving animation and short films.  I work from my studio in Los Angeles with amazing people from all over the world.  BEN AND BIG will be my 5th short film.

If you're interested you may check out my IMDB page at

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  • @jeffwerden

    It was fantastic to work with Rowan on the "Big and Ben" project. He's organized and very thorough. He was very clear about what he wanted and how things should sound. He was very appreciative of the work I did and I'm confident that he will continue to be a success with "Big and Ben" and all his future projects. I would absolutely work with him again -- and I definitely hope to do so. :)

  • @wyatt-henry

    Working with Rowan was a very professional and enjoyable experience. It was my pleasure to work with LunarSea Productions on their title "Big and Ben."