Stewart Chisham

Stewart Chisham

22 / Male / Irish-American

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About Stewart Chisham

Film and Mass Media major at the University of Minnesota.

I've always enjoyed film and theatre, and am a character impressionist at heart. Really want to break out into the industry of voice work! 

I use a Blue Ember condenser mic with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3G. All mixing is done through Audacity. 

Minnesota State University - 2022

Bachelors of Fine Arts; Film and Mass Media

Instructed by Dr. Steven Rybin

I'm willing to do any projects, big and small. As I'm only just starting out, I wouldn't say I'm too picky about whether or not payment is part of a project I join.

What Stewart Chisham is looking for

I'm very interested in the indie scene, whether that be pilots, animatics, concept pieces, video games, or even just comic dubs. 

  • @frakattack

    One of the most professional people I've ever worked with, and one of my most trusted friends.

    Would definitely help again, 10/10