Lizzy Renee

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About Lizzy Renee

I create and contribute to a lot of fan-made projects. I love voice acting and writing, and I do my own audio editing. I have two years of college-level experience in theatre, and a four-year degree in graphic design, where I studied digital illustration and copyright.

Note: on principle, my fan-made projects are unpaid, and those I work for, I do so as a volunteer. By making fan projects strictly not-for-profit, we're respecting the original creators' intellectual property, and we avoid potential legal trouble.

Original projects (non-fandom) and transformative works will be paid fairly, and thus I also expect to be paid fairly for original and transformative works.

Outside of CCC, I do digital illustration, creative writing, cosplay, and other various creative pursuits. 

What Lizzy Renee is looking for

Right now, I'm happy doing hobby and freelance work and seeing where it takes me. 

I'm most interested in paid roles at this time, but I'll also jump at the opportunity to volunteer for fan projects if I'm interested in the source material. I enjoy anime, manga, video games, and TTRPGs. 

  • @jack-simon

    LizzyRenee was great to work with! I had never done a comic dub before, but with her directing and management skills, I was able to have a positive experience with it that I'll always cherish! Look forward to her next projects!