Lizzy Renee

Lizzy Renee

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About Lizzy Renee

As a lover of fandom, I create and contribute to a lot of fan-made projects. I have two years of college-level experience in theatre, and a four-year degree in graphic design, where I studied digital illustration and copyright.


  1. Voice acting

  2. Writing

  3. Audio editing


  1. Audio Technica AT2035 condenser mic

  2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB audio interface

Note: on principle, my fan-made projects are unpaid. By making fan projects strictly not-for-profit, we're respecting the original creators' intellectual property, and we avoid potential legal trouble.

Original (non-fandom) projects and transformative works will be paid according to industry standard rates, and thus I also expect to be paid for original and transformative works.

Outside of CCC, I enjoy digital art, fanfic, cosplay, and video games.


My rates start at the industry standard $150 PFH. 

What Lizzy Renee is looking for

Right now, I'm happy doing hobby and freelance gigs. 


  1. I highly prefer paid roles at this time, but I'll also jump at the opportunity to volunteer for fan projects if I'm interested in the source material. I enjoy anime, manga, video games, and TTRPGs. 

  2. I'm willing to do NSFW voiceover to an extent, depending on how explicit the material is and the themes involved. 

  3. I perform best, and highly prefer, self-directing. I prefer doing retakes over rehearsals or table readings, but I will do them if absolutely necessary. 

  4. What I look for in a director or producer: flexible, accommodating, responsive, and able to provide both positive feedback and constructive criticism when necessary. 

  • @jack-simon

    LizzyRenee was great to work with! I had never done a comic dub before, but with her directing and management skills, I was able to have a positive experience with it that I'll always cherish! Look forward to her next projects!