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About cranberrymelodyVA

Hi! I'm Olivia! I'm a voice actress, editor, writer, artist, and animator. I am a trans female but with a voice suited towards male characters. I have done work on quite a few projects as well as my own and I am looking for exciting opportunities!


Original Characters:

Orion Suka / Terukada Kimanari - Danganronpa: Desperate Heart

Natsushiko Tomita - Danganronpa: Salvation’s Fears

Yosuke Kawaguchi - Danganronpa: Isolation

Evin “Akira” Maximilian - Danganronpa: Shackled Future

REDACTED - Danganronpa: Burdens of Change

Minoru Keihatsu - Danganronpa: Project Paradigm

Shoichi Hayakawa - Danganronpa: Primetime

M.D. Wildcard - Danganronpa: Route Despair

Victor Peterson - Re:Danganronpa: Refresh Retreat

Pumpk - Five Nights at Pumpk’s Re-Spooked

NOTUS - Aphyns

Non-Original Characters

 Nagito Komaeda / Kurokuma / Korekiyo Shinguuji / Byakuya Togami / Taichi Fujisaki - Danganronpa Fandubs

Gorou / Xiao / Chongyun / Razor / Kaveh / Pantalone - Genshin Impact Fandubs

Apollo Justice / Ryunosuke Naruhodo / Miles Edgeworth / Judge / Kazuma Asogi / Kristoph Gavin / Luke Atmey / Pierce Nichody / Paul Atishon / Florent L’Belle / Ted Tonate - Ace Attorney Fandubs

Present Mic / Eijiro Kirishima - My Hero Academia Fandubs

Kazumi Mishima - Your Turn To Die Fandubs

Mama - AI The Somnium Files Fandub

Wario - Mario Party Dub


Unpaid, paid, I do whatever comes my way!

What cranberrymelodyVA is looking for

Fun opportunities to provide where I can!

  • @tanstin

    Olivia managed me and several other actors on an Ace Attorney Dubbed Breakdowns project. Expectations were very clear, and the whole process went extremely smoothly. She is very engaged with the voice actors, and even handled all of the editing in the process. Would work with again.

  • @zaluared954

    CranberrymelodyVA or (OliviaDH on discord), was my first director on my first  VA gig, the project is called Ace Attorney Dubbed Breakdowns. (its on youtube ) They were phenomenal to work with and where supper helpful with feed back on takes I had. id recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.

  • @auroraaveva

    Olivia was a wonderful director to work with! Always transparent and very kind and respectful for her VAs! I would love to work with Olivia again, and you should want to work with Olivia too!