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About bunny

Nice to meet you! 
I'm bunny, a 22-year old voice actress, singer, and artist. 

I have always been exceptionally passionate for the arts, completing art school and currently majoring in Game Design at a university in Bavaria, Germany. My passion for it expands across media: I play four instruments, sing, act, and draw, as well speak four different languages (currently learning my fifth!).

Voice acting is a rather new hobby of mine but not a new interest: I have been fascinated with it since I was in my pre-teens, going as far as to go after information on voice actors of shows I watched.

Please feel free to check my auditions and demo reel (coming soon!).

i get inside my closet to record 

it's not a walk-in closet


I will not request payment for any project I have voluntarily auditioned for!

$1,00 per line (minimum of 3 lines per project)


$3,00 per minute (NSFW projects only, minimum of 1 minute per project)

Please provide as much detail about the project when you reach out to me about my voice over work, including the expected deadline. If you need me to turn my lines a bit more urgently, there will be a slight increase in price!

What bunny is looking for

I will gladly lend you my voice for any videogame, anime, comic, manga/manhwa and parody dubs, as well as NSFW projects. 

Please keep in mind I also have the right to decline any offer for projects that I find offensive or badly-executed. 

  • @nyquilhead

    I'm deeply indebted to Bunny, she casted me in one of my first productions ever as a voice actor. Working under her direction has helped me grow as a voice actor, and her patience and dedication to her various crafts inspires me to be the best I can. With her soft voice and unparalleled determination, you'd be a fool to not work with her.

  • @avirusnamedtoast

    Bunny is unparalleled in sweetness and sensibility; her kindness acting the glue that drew our little group close. She's a voice of great softness and exuberant wit, and very talented in both editing and voicework. Plus her dog is very cute.

  • @brian-vedette

    I've worked beside Bunny on a few projects. In her early days of pursuing being a voice actress I provided basic mentorship and since then I have seen her passion and skills explode. I gave her an inch of knowledge and she's taken it miles forward on her own and she'll do the same for your project if you give her the opportunity. 

    If you need a unique voice that's cute and natural - or someone who can speak more languages than you can name, don't hesitate. Book her.

  • @v-meister71

    Bunny is just amazing at what she does. Her vocal range is beyond a doubt incredible! I had her voice for a comic dub for my Youtube channel, and she was very fun to work with. Do consider her for your project, you will be glad you did.