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About CalFaye

hi there! i'm cal! 

i'm 18, and i'm an artist and a voice actor. i'm definitely not advanced at either of those things, but i'm always trying to improve! i am a trained singer and actor, and i also write, direct, and occasionally produce!

art: my most prominent art skills lay in my ability to imitate the danganronpa sprite style. i also like to think that i'm fairly proficient in character design!

voice acting: i am able to do female voices that range from medium-low to high in pitch. i am trained in script-based acting as well as improv!

more: i have taken formal voice and acting training for about 4 years, and am a theatre major. i am a mezzo soprano, and my vocal range is E3 - E5 - F6. writing is mostly a hobby for me, but i've taken some fairly rigorous writing courses in school, and i really enjoy editing! additionally, i have co-directed and produced many projects!

interests: ace attorney, fire emblem, zero escape, your turn to die, professor layton, danganronpa, and more!

contact info/my socials:

instagram: @enoshimaedits

discord: cal#6695

mail of the e variety: calistafayeig @

current projects:

Danganronpa: Distrust [Sprite Artist]

Danganronpa: Raven's Call [Anzu Kojima, Co-Creator]

Vivid Delusions [Yumena Takada, Co-Creator]

Danganronpa: Driven Betrayal [Chieko Kyubei]

Super Danganronpa V4 [Springy]
Danganronpa: Homicide Heaven [Nomecha]
Danganronpa: Frozen Reality [Fuka Shigeko]
Danganronpa: Despair Mansion [Kasumi Kaiya]
Danganronpa: Glacial Bullets [Matsuura Nariko]

finished projects: 
Sdra2 Comic Dub []

  • @v-meister71

    Cal was a pleasure to work with, I had them voice for a comic dub I made, and their voice was great! I highly recommend them without a doubt! Do consider casting Cal for your next project.