I enjoying telling stories through living in the shoes of different characters! I can provide a wide range of voices from cute monsters to smart enthusiasts, princesses, tomboys and much more!

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About GeekyVoiceActs

Hello! I'm Uche Natalie Emihian - known online mostly as GeekyVoiceActs or Geeky. 

I am a free-lance, non union voice actress. 

I was the shy kid at theatre arts school during my younger years. 2020 saw the beginning of my voice-over career when I began to hone my skills and become comfortable behind the mic! 

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My YouTube channel:

Stagecoach Theatre School - 2010

Acting and Performing

Instructed by John Lucey

Michael Bell VO Class - 2022

Master Class in Animation VO

Instructed by Michael Bell

This online voice-over class taught me the fundamentals of voice-acting. It outlines line delivery techniques as well as vocal skills and practice.

Echo Acting - 2022

Instructed by

I'll be beginning courses to train in voiceover performance, diction, delivery later this month or early August 2022.

Global Voice Acting Academy - 2022

Cuppa Joe with David Ro!

Instructed by David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal is one of the top voice-over coaches in the industry. During this Zoom lesson, I became aware of the current trends in the voice over industry, the niches, protecting the integrity of the voice-over world. (Such as "keeping everyone afloat") by understanding your worth as a voice actor. I learnt that a voice actor must also develop business / entrepreneurial skills in order to promote their work. Many great points were brought across during the class.


This can be discussed by emailing me. Please see my website:

What GeekyVoiceActs is looking for

Video games, animations, dubs etc.

  • @hubworld23

    This Girl Is Amazing! She Did An Awesome Job With A Comic Dub That I Did Starring Peach! She Is So Kind And Supportive! Keep Up The Good Work And Never Give Up...;)

  • @deleted207585

    OK! This gal is the FREAKING NEXT MEL BLANC of Mario. She's AMAZING. She truly deserves the recognition. I am currently in a project with her, and she is AWESOME. I'd recommend her as Peach, Zelda or Sheik for ANY project.

  • @v-meister71

    This girl is the Charles Martinet of the Mario females. Voicing Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina is something every content creator needs. She sounds 100% accurate to the voices, and has passion that continues to flow endlessly. She is the best person to work with, and it would be a big mistake if you didn't cast her for a project. If she auditions for a project of yours, please give her the opportunity. She has a bright future ahead of her, and if you ever see her in the credits for a future anime, cartoon, videogame, etc. you'll be glad you were there with her along the way! Overall, GeekyVoiceActs I highly recommend you give her the opportunities she highly deserves.

  • @staledogg

    I’ve attempted several projects on the site with varying success. However, i have never had anyone work as quickly as Geeky Voice Acts did. As soon as she was cast she responded to me, she paid good attention to what I said I wanted and recorded her part quickly. I’d be happy to work with her again.