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About Violetjohnson201x

Violet here! I'm a small voice actor, Mainly for FNAF, Undertale, and Danganronpa projects. 

FNAF: I've been casted as a few different animatronics and at one point i was even casted as a security guard.

Undertale: I am mainly able to Voice Mettaton and Flowey, though I can also do a decent Muffet, Undyne, and MK

Danganronpa: I've been casted in a few different fanganronpas, one as a version of Monokuma named Noxuma, another as OwO bot and PollMaster, and in a comic dub as Hiyoko, Kaede, and Aoi

  • @aprilcalls

    VioletJohnson201x was cast in my Undertale the Genderbent Musical as Flowey, Mettaton, Doggo, Perseverance, and a member of the ensemble. These were a lot of roles to have, but she tackled them head-on and always turned in her vocals on time, and when she couldn't, made sure to communicate with me. Her mic quality was not the best, but she does have a stellar voice for both singing and voice acting work and is a hard-working addition to any team. Always willing to help and sweet as can be, Violet makes an amazing addition to every team I have seen her be a part of.

  • @v-meister71

    Violet gave me amazing voice work for a comic dub I made. They were spot on with what I was looking for, and they have impressive vocal range. I definitely recommend them for whatever project you are working on. I would definitely work with them again.