Melissa White

Melissa White

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About Melissa White

Melissa is a professional voice actor with a broadcast-quality home studio based in Las Vegas, NV.

She grew up on stage bringing productions to life as an actor, singer, dancer, and cellist. Now she brings characters to life behind the microphone.

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and previously served an organization dedicated to helping animals. This professional background has strengthened her ability to understand and empathize with characters and clients.

In her free time, she loves running, baking, gaming, watching anime, and cuddling with her two cats.


I typically charge $3 per line or 30 cents per word, but I am willing to work within your budget!

  • @v-meister71

    Melissa was a pleasure to work with. She voiced in a comic dub video I made, and her voice was just what I was looking for. She was very nice and sent in her lines in a timely manner. I would definitely work with them again, they are super talented at what they do. 

  • @twohearted

    Melissa is a great voice actor with superb professionalism. She was one of the first people we casted in our project for that reason! She provided her lines almost instantly, and for any reshoots, her delivery time was equally remarkable. She has a great voice and is a total hustler. She is seriously so hard-working, but also humble and positive, making her a great addition to any project!

  • @carabyte

    I absolutely loved working with Melissa on my project. She played a small minor role in my project, but she performed that role with all her heart and really made it her own. Getting to know her, I can say for sure that she is very passionate about her voice work and won’t let you down. I highly recommend her.