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About Icy Lemonti

Hey, you can call me Chi or Lemonti! I go by any/all pronouns, so feel free to use whatever! I am a person who plans to make voice acting my career, but for now, it is just something for fun! :)

Casting Call Club - 2021

Voice Acting 101/202/303

Instructed by John Wang

  • @linbees

    They're quite talented and have great young potential!

  • @v-meister71

    Icy Lemonti is a very talented VA, I had them voice for a comic dub I made on Youtube, and they were spot on with the voice for that character. I am happy to have worked with them, and I would definitely work with them again.

  • @prova10

    This member of the community truly puts her heart into every voice she does as well as offers advice in order to make projects just that much better. They provided the voice of Cerberus for one of my helltaker comics which is now one of my highest viewed videos on my channel and I have to thank this person right here for helping to make it the best so definitely would recommend them to anyone that needs good va work and I wish her the best of luck in the future ^^

  • @xintnz

    Icy Lemonti is a kind an passionate individual! They're willing to take criticism and work with people in a calm and respectful manner! Their high pitched voice has lots of expression within the characters she voices. I've viewed a few projects she's worked on, and she has done a great job!