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Voice Actor, Music Fanatic, and Dork to the max.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hey, Hi, Hello, and Welcome to me!My name's Siddhartha Villanueva, but some people probably know me as Riku
(PFP by @imperialnyx on Twitter)Voice actor since 2015. Lovely experience with ups and downs as life brings.I've taken some classes at Bang Zoom! Entertainment and taken constant steps to improve, so you know I'm giving it my best as well as my all; my biggest goal in all this is to someday do voice work full time and make as many people feel comfort through my performance of a character they love.Whether you need a gravelly, no-nonsense Shōnen style character, a charismatically nonchalant young business head, a fatherly and good-natured adult, or some kind of strange vocal chimera of the three: I'm most likely your guy!My natural voice is pretty Medium-Low by default, so casting for Young Adult characters, regardless of their energies, is pretty much my expertise! If I had t...
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, Producer, and Live Actor
I'm Brayden Medlin, and I'm a voice actor from the great state of Texas!!
I am wanting to go professional, however here I am getting chops, because no matter who you are, practice is practice! I'd love to be a part of your project, see demo above, or email me atbraydenmedlinva(at)
The Voice for Every Generation
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Allow me to introduce myself...My name is Fentriss O. Moore, professional Atlanta based voice talent for the past eight years .I am proactively seeking clients whose brands are socially conscious, support environmentally progressive initiatives, and organizations that represent brands that I support.I have the vocal range to execute internal communications for employee safety, new product/service introductions, and capital retention and execute external communication initiatives that educate the consumer on products and services that can turn them into lifestyle enthusiasts of your brand.
I have virtually voiced inside every genre of voiceover including IVR, mobile apps, commercials, imaging, video game characters, and museum narration.
However, that is not the best part. I specialize in storytelling. This can be any type of long form narration including audiobooks, eLearning, c...
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Nonbinary (they/them) freelance voice artist with 10+ years of experience working on various online projects! 
Whether you need a need a voice to complete your snarky protagonist or a set a gritty tone for a ruthless villain, I've got you covered! You're welcome to contact me any time to discuss your project. :)
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: adobe audition discord
I am a Voice Actor
Sound treated studio(Wall Panels, Ceiling Clouds, Bass Traps) equipped with:
Mics: Sennheiser MKH 416Neumann TLM 103Shure SM7BAston Stealth
Audio Interface:Universal Audio Apollo Twin X
Preamps:Universal Audio LA-610 MK II(Primarily used with TLM 103)Avalon 737 Plug-In(Primarily used with 416)
DAW:Pro Tools
Headphones:Neumann NDH 20Beyerdynamic DT 770 PROSony MDR-7506
Monitors:Yamaha HS5
My name is Wyatt.  I've been doing voice over since Nov 11, 2016.
A kid from Denmark tells me that my Facebook link doesn't work on this site and I inform him that it doesn't work because it doesn't exist. It's about this time I realize that I'm depriving legions of people the thrill of seeing pictures of my lunch, but just as I'm about to create a Facebook page I have a stark realization: I owe Slumlord Radio big time for getting me out of a jam in Tijuana so I'...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: musician voice over
Heya! I'm a Dallas based voice actor and artist.
I am a Voice Actor and Audio Engineer
I'm a male (he/him) voice actor with my own home studio.TLM 103 - Apollo Twin X - Adobe Audition - Discord: no4u.Outside voice acting I run a laser cutting business creating wooden coasters, wall art, and other functional gaming accessories..Website:
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Music Composer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Bella Sapphire- Singer, Voice Actress, Songwriter, Composer, Artist
Looking for a warm, engaging, energetic, and versatile voice to bring your project to life? Perhaps you’d like to find a peppy and positive-sounding narrator, flamboyant villain, or a character voice impression. In any case, Bella Sapphire is just the voice actress for you, there to bring your character and vision to life! She prioritizes acting (with years of various acting lessons and training), and giving vibrant, engaging performances. 
She is a voice actress, artist, and mezzo soprano singer/songwriter who has taken (theatrical and classical) singing lessons for four years. She can sing opera and classical in multiple languages (including Italian, French, and German), and has been in various choirs over the course of nearly a decade. 
Aside from voice recording, Bella enjoys drawing, painting, writing, s...
Speaks: english
Lets have fun!!!
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
DEMO: I'm Sam!! Voice acting has been a dream of mine for years now. It's been a big part of my life now. I've gotten so much out of the journey alone. More self confidence, an eager to have fun, and I found out I have Dyslexia. Which was a game changer for how I now approach voice over.I've gotten to work with tones of amazingly talented coaches that have been in the industry for years. Can't thank them enough.So, lets have fun!!!
Voice Description: male adult
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Based in the LA area, I've had my eyes set on becoming a voice actor since I was little. I was heavily inspired to pursue voice acting thanks to all the video games I played and the anime I watched while growing up. Throughout middle and high school I was involved in drama club, being in a total of 9 productions across 6 years. This continued into college. During my time in college, I also joined the student-run radio station. It was here I learned about the commercial side of voice over. I hosted two weekly shows and produced weekly segments. 

I moved from the Buffalo NY area to the LA area with my husband in August of 2018. After arriving I started taking voice acting classes on a regular basis, covering a variety of topics. I've taken classes with Tasia Valenza, Kirsten Day, Alyson Steel, Craig Lee Thomas, Roger Leopardi, Brent Allen Hagel, Cassandra Lee Morris, Katie Leigh,...
Accents: british
I get paid to scream
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hi, I'm Ribz/Rebecca Danae and I voice act professionally on the internet.
Setup: Soundtreated space, Neumann TLM103, Apollo Twin X Interface
Add me on Discord if you have any inquiries: RibzVA
Accents: english texan
Skills and Interests: video games voice acting
I am a Voice Actor
About Me
Hey there, I'm Shawn, a Voice Actor and lifelong fan of all things nerdy and awesome. From a young age,  I discovered a very obvious passion for video games, anime, and music, and was lucky enough to be able to indulge in them ever since.Nurturing these interests, as well as a discovered love for languages, I endeavor to work and develop as a voice talent, and hope breathe life into characters that will inspire new generations of nerds and gamers.Check out my socials (@Cad_VO on most platforms) or my site ( for more!
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
Skills and Interests: voice acting
Voiceover artist that has worked in Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Anime, Narration, Radio, and more!
I am a Voice Actor, Director, and Live Actor
My name is Nasim Benelkour. Nasim is a Puerto Rican, African American, Moroccan, and Bisexual (LGBTQ) voice actor & casting director based in Dallas, Texas. I've provided my voice across Anime, Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Narrative Productions, and more. Some of my most proficient work has come from working on titles with the likes of Crunchyroll, WEBTOON, and hundreds of indie studios across the industry.
Website: NasimBenelkour.comSocial Media: nasimbenelkour
Speaks: english
Award-winning actor / multi-award-nominated voice actor
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Hi there! My name's Peter. I'm an award-winning UK-based actor and multi-award-nominated voiceover artist working from my broadcast quality home studio.
My theatre and on-camera career stretches back over 10+ years, and I've been lucky enough to have worked everywhere from Shakespeare's Globe to the BBC. As a voiceover artist and voice actor, I've been involved in a variety of global commercial campaigns, corporate productions, audiobooks, audio dramas, animation and video games.
One Voice Awards UK 2023 Nominee:
Voiceover Artist of the YearBest Male Performance - Radio CommercialsBest Male Performance - Gaming
Sky TV, BBC, Pinewood Studios, Wooshii, Armor All, Corpay One, Citizen, Awaken Realms Digital, Questline, KMT Medical, Cultivator Advertising, Overskies, PlaySide Studios, Wargaming, Wireless Theatre Ltd, Manley Media, Sierra-Cedar
- ...
"On Air"
I am a Voice Actor
In the dynamic world of voiceover artistry, my journey over the past 15 years has been a thrilling odyssey marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep passion for the craft. As a seasoned male voiceover artist, I have honed my abilities to deliver a spectrum of performances that captivate, resonate, and leave a lasting impression.My vocal range is a testament to years of dedicated practice and exploration, allowing me to seamlessly transition between various styles and tones. Whether it's the authoritative resonance of a commanding narration, the warmth that envelops a heartfelt commercial, or the energetic inflections that bring animated characters to life, my versatility is my strength.Technical proficiency is at the core of my skill set. Adept at utilizing state-of-the-art recording equipment and software, I ensure that each delivery is crisp, clear, and tailored to the...
Actor working out of the Midwest. It would be my pleasure to bring a voice to your project.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Writer
Hello! My name is Marcel Howard Jr., also known as Commander or CommanderRPG online. I'm a voice actor and content creator who loves anything creative. You can find me creating all kinds of content on YouTube, Twitch, and Tik Tok. As an aspiring author, writing UNITY has been a blast, and I can't wait to see where it goes! 
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: adr final cut pro
Anthony Proctor
I'm a 20-year film and video production veteran with a ton of corporate narration under my belt, now bringing my performance chops as a close-up magician to the booth as a voice actor. I've even got a few accent tricks up my sleeve.
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Director
To say I've had a diverse professional life would be an understatement. I've been a bass player in a rock band, a factory worker, an A/V tech, computer geek, closeup magician, multimedia developer, the owner of a successful video production company, the lab guy in a craft brewery, and now a full-time voiceover guy and voice actor.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor
Hello! Lee Williams is a hobbyist voice actor looking to bring life to your project.
Pronouns - He/Him
- Neumann TLM49
- Apollo Twin Duo X
- Reaper DAW
Speaks: english
Here for all the chaos and monkey business
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hey there! My name is Abrielle. I'm a voice actor, improvver, actress, singer, and song writer! Always interested in a fun project. Shoot me a message! Or a fun joke. Always down to hear a fun joke. <3
Speaks: english