Nasim Benelkour

Nasim Benelkour

Voiceover artist that has worked in Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Anime, Narration, Radio, and more!

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About Nasim Benelkour

My name is Nasim Benelkour. Nasim is a Puerto Rican, African American, Moroccan, and Bisexual (LGBTQ) voice actor & casting director based in Dallas, Texas. I've provided my voice across Anime, Animation, Video Games, Commercials, Narrative Productions, and more. Some of my most proficient work has come from working on titles with the likes of Crunchyroll, WEBTOON, and hundreds of indie studios across the industry.


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Discord: nasimbenelkour

Voices of Color - 2022

Acting Workshop

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ADR Workshop (1 on 1 Coaching)

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I'm very flexible when it comes to my rates and I'm able to negotiable depending on the budget of the project and if the project is commercial. My standard rates are below.

Per Word: 0.25c

Per Line: $3 

Per Hour: $75

What Nasim Benelkour is looking for

Primarily, I'm looking for strictly original projects, either paid or unpaid depending on the budget of the project, that are serious about the completion of the production. With being on Casting Call Club, I want to expand my portfolio alongside having the opportunity to bring life to people's characters.
I sadly cannot accept any fan-related projects at this time

  • @jt424

    Nasim voiced Mr. Hall, a police officer in my audiobook "Blood and Flowers"  I was very impressed with how he was ale to make his voice sound deep and mature. I also liked hos enthusiastic he was to be involved in the project, despite being a minor character. That's what a real actor does: they treat every role, no matter how big or how small, like it's the best thing ever. He also delivered his lines super fast. He's great!

  • @1sonicwebmaster

    Nasim voiced a character for my social media campaign. He did a great job tweaking the voice to what we are looking for. His range is impressive too. He tried out for multiple characters and did a good job with everyone. He has the range to voice multiple characters for one project. Was also very quick and professional.