Nasim Benelkour

Nasim Benelkour

Voiceover artist that has worked in Animation, Video Games, Narration, Radio, and more!

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About Nasim Benelkour

Do you need a voice-over artist with a versatile vocal range and emotion for your characters? How about a natural medium-high voice for your commercial? Or maybe a dramatic low pitched voice for your audio drama? Well, you're in luck! My name is Nasim Benelkour and I'm a voice-over artist with a good amount of experience underneath their belt. I've had worked across Animation, Video Games, Audio Dramas, and more! My voice capabilities range from Child, Teen, Adult, Senior, High, Medium, Low, and more! My acting ability ranges from Dramatic, Energetic, Depressed, Enraged, Quiet, and even more! My availability is from weekdays 2:00 pm-10:00 pm and weekends 1:00 pm- 11:00 pm. But I can always squeeze in earlier availability times. Depending on the length of the script, it would usually take me 1-2 days to record, edit, and send out the lines. I hope you consider me for your projects and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Nasim is a determined and passionate voice actor
that possesses a heavy versatility vocal range along with being an incredibly strong
team player. With years of experience underneath their belt, they have the immense
drive to steadily improve their vocal and acting ability each day, along with using
the knowledge from others to continue to grow. Having the heart, mind, and soul
to follow their dream, they pursue onward to become the best to ever live.

I’ve been pursuing voiceover ever since I was young and have always been inspired to be the best! Throughout my journey, I’ve learned many things along with meeting amazing people down the way! No matter what I always keep pushing, past my limitations, past my expectations, and continue to thrive on!

With how I communicate, What I've heard from others that have worked with me is that I'm really fun to work with. I would see myself as very hardworking and very directed towards getting the job done. I know how to accept criticism as well as work well with others. I'm known for getting lines done before the due date since I'm constantly working every day surrounding voice-over.

Thank you to whoever is taking the time to read all of this! And I hope you have a beautiful day!

Private Coaching - 2022

1 on 1 ADR Session

Instructed by Anthony Rodriquez
Voices of Color - 2022

Acting Workshop

Instructed by Kiba Walker
Barbizon - 2022

Acting & Modeling 6 Month Program

Instructed by Barbizon
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Video Game Workshop

Instructed by Chris Hackney
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The Talent Spot - 2022

Private Coaching

Instructed by Micheal Grepp

For work that has a low budget, I’m different compared to other voice actors. With me, I have a saying, “I’ll accept the absolute best you can give me”. No matter how little or big the number is, even if it’s nothing. I understand to the absolute bone that people have far different living situations than others. So I’ll accept the best you are willing to give me and take it with a smile on my face (as long as you’re being genuine )

But in turn, I do have my rates for projects that do have that budget to be able to pay voice actors fully like companies and whatnot. I charge 0.25c per word, $3 per line, and $75 an hour

What Nasim Benelkour is looking for

With me, what I’m looking for in a project is if it’s being taken seriously along with if the main heads in the said project are trying their best! Your project can be a simple comic dub or a full-fledged video game! When it comes to me it doesn’t matter, as long as I’m seeing those two things, I would be glad and happy working on those projects!

What I get out of doing projects is the experience and a little bit of that exposure. I personally don't mind how well a project does but I always hope that the project goes big, not only for my own personal gain but for everyone else's as well. Money is secondary when it comes down to all of this since doing VO is a dream occupation of mine.

I joined Casting Call Club to learn, experience, and connect. Along with taking advantage of the opportunity to audition for all of these projects and grow my VO belt. Every audition I do on Casting Call Club is always a ride and I love everything about it!

  • @jt424

    Nasim voiced Mr. Hall, a police officer in my audiobook "Blood and Flowers"  I was very impressed with how he was ale to make his voice sound deep and mature. I also liked hos enthusiastic he was to be involved in the project, despite being a minor character. That's what a real actor does: they treat every role, no matter how big or how small, like it's the best thing ever. He also delivered his lines super fast. He's great!

  • @1sonicwebmaster

    Nasim voiced a character for my social media campaign. He did a great job tweaking the voice to what we are looking for. His range is impressive too. He tried out for multiple characters and did a good job with everyone. He has the range to voice multiple characters for one project. Was also very quick and professional.