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Kolt's the name, yelling into a microphone's my game!
I am a Voice Actor
About Me:Hello! I'm Ronnie Meza, but known as KoltJolt pretty much everywhere else! I'm a Filipino/Mexican American that specializes in mid to high pitched male voices! So if you ever need a typical anime male voice or a panicky gremlin, check me out!

I also have a playlist of videos I've been in on Youtube!
[Click here]
Time Zone:GMT-7 or PST/PDT

Discord: koltjolt or KoltJolt#1716(Message on CCC to let me know who you are when you add me unless already given)

Synco D2 Shotgun Microphone + Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: voice acting
Just you local green-haired dragon masquerading as a voice actor and artist!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
My name is Angie Min and I am a queer (Genderfluid/NB) Korean-American VA based in Savannah, GA (USA).

Find me on my other socials: Austrian Audio OC18Audio Interface: SSL2+ 
Home Studio: PVC Sound-Treated BoothProgram(s): Audacity, iZotope RX 8
Connectivity: Discord, Zoom, Source Nexus Free
Passionate, Driven Voice Actor
I am a Voice Actor
My name is Davon Oliver and I'm a Dallas-Based voice actor with theatrical experience! I've taken Character and ADR workshops with Joel McDonald and Jose Sandoval. I've had private coaching with Bruce Carey of Voices Carey and taken lessons and ADR workshops with Jason Lord of Extra Terrible Studios.I bring a passionate and fun atmosphere to any project! Character and scene analysis are some of my specialties, making me good at setting a mood and tone for any scene.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: adr
"Smooth & Easy"
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
I’m originally from New Orleans and currently live in SW, FL.  I started in Voice over when my singing coach asked if I would be interested in doing other things with my voice.  I, of course, said sure, and she put me in touch with a studio next to her conservatory that was looking for some actors in an audio drama they were producing.  I was cast in an audio drama titled “The Black Hearted Mr. White,” where I played the lead character and narrated the story.   It was a lot of fun and got me hooked on Voice Acting.  So I built a soundproof studio in my home and have been voicing ever since.  I love getting into a character and trying to capture that character’s essence.  Let’s work together to develop your project.     
Speaks: english
Friendly. Quirky. Earnest. Check out my DEMOS here
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
My name is Brett Chyr and I'm a voice actor living in Denver, CO. Check out my demos at my website.
I am excited and ready to do my best to serve your projects well with all of my skills and chyr-fully sound voices.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Audio Engineer, Writer, Producer, and Live Actor
I've been working full time in the voiceover community for a few years now...and loving every second of it! I've been fortunate to have consistent VO work from the get-go, and actually got my very first paying gig here on CCC! 
I am a friendly professional who takes direction well and will happily work at it until we get it right. I genuinely look forward to contributing to your next project, or working with you as you contribute to mine! I started out in a closet lined with moving blankets (which I totally LOVED!) and am wowed today at the professional studio space and wicked-awesome vocal booth I find myself working out of.
I love the work, love sinking my teeth into different characters and thoroughly enjoy taking on all different types of projects as I broaden my skillset behind the mic, in audio engineering and more recently in casting and production.
5 years ago Tripvia...
Speaks: english
LVL 22 | Actor | Audio Engineer | Musician
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
I have always been interested in telling stories.Whether it be from writing, music, or acting, I've been continuously inspired to tell my own stories through art. That's what led me to go to Radford University to study Music focusing in Vocal Performance. Which will lead me to continue to do what I always wanted to do. Telling stories!There's always one thing that makes a story feel real and personal, and that is the voice. Every story needs someone to tell it, and with vision and skill I am equipped to provide that voice.My name is Patrick Hurt and I am a voiceover artist based out in Virginia.My performance style brings in the listener to make them feel engaged in the atmosphere whether it be animations, video games, audiobooks, or podcasts. I specialize in youthful and powerful voices, perfect for the young protagonist, crazy psychopaths, and powerful gods.I spent all my life liste...
Speaks: english
Izzy is a full-time pro voice actor who THRIVES on character work!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Live Actor
Isabella “Izzy” Tugman is a professional Voice Actor and Singer based out of Phoenix, AZ. Because of her extensive training in acting and singing, her versatility and adaptability is boundless. Hard-working and enthusiastic, Izzy loves what she does, and is the Voice of Choice for your project.
Speaks: english
Award-nominated voice artist and actressFrom girl-next-door to hardened criminal ... let's play and bring your script to life!
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Award Nominated Voice Artist & ActressBilingual English & WelshProviding broadcast-quality voiceovers from my home studio for commercials, E-Learning, audio drama, Web videos, Explainer videos, E-Learning, Online, Animation and more. Age Range: 20's (naturally) also work in children's, teenager, Young Adult, Adult and 30's for voice over work. Voice qualities: Engaging, fun, quirky, listenable, natural, conversational, full of character, bubbly, melodious, dramatic. Significant Work Includes: -BBC Radio Drama, Lead Role (Lil), Lil ar y Til (2018)- 60+ National Commercials (Radio & TV), including The National Trust, NHS, National Adoption Service, Britain's Got Talent (2016-2021)- Performed with renowned, award-winning companies including National Theatre Wales, Southbank Centre, The Other Room, S4C, Company of Sirens, BBC Cymru, TreeTops Films, Boom Cymru and Avanti. Award...
Let's have fun making sounds together.
I am a Voice Actor
Hey, I'm Clay Geller. I am a Neurodivergent LGBTQIA+ remote actor, living in the Milwaukee, WI area.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor
Hey there! 
I'm a voice over actor living in the Pacific NW.
If you need a reliable VA with a talent to connect with your audience in a relatable way, and who's flexible and versatile, then let's chat. 
You can contact me here,  or through my website
I'd love to see how we can work together to bring your project to life!

Erin has a clear and charming delivery style.  She'll bring a sense of cute and friendly, with a touch of fun, and even a giggle or two, to any script. She is your girl next door, with an adorable, bubbly, articulate and youthful voice. 
I am a Voice Actor
I am easily directed, have a natural acting ability and am very easy to work with. I try to add variety and creativity to any script, but am always open to new ideas and direction. I'm not afraid to take risks and am willing to try new things that may be out of my comfort zone. I love voice-over work, and have so much fun with any project, which means I will be 100% dedicated to providing a product you will be happy with.  In addition to voice acting, I am also a veterinarian, which means I have a special place in my heart for all roles involving creatures feathered, furry, scaly and everything in between! 
Speaks: english
Canadian Voice Actress for Video Games, Animation and Commercials. I will be the official voice of Hot Pants! (and maybe Yasuho)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Artist
Hi there! I'm Emilie, a professional Canadian voice actress, geoscience student, digital artist and lover of all things JoJo. I primarily do animation, video game and commercial work but am also open for any other forms of voice over.-My biggest goal in voice over is to one day be the official English voice of Hot Pants from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run or Yasuho, Hato or Mitsuba from JoJolion. If there is ever another female JoJo, voicing her would be my life's biggest honour. Other than that, I'd like to voice along side each of the Stardust Crusader VAs, in a Dishonored or Fallout game and as a playable Genshin Impact character.-Feel free to contact me for any reason, I promise I'm nice! You can follow me on Twitter (@MissEmilieVA) or contact me via Discord (mmimirae). For business inquiries, contact by email is preferred; emilybrewervo @ gmail . com.-For my demos, resu...
Speaks: english
Professional Voice Actor
I am a Voice Actor
My Website
My live stream


Hey there!

My name is David Guffre and I am a versatile freelance voice actor from California seeking representation. 
Check out my website for more information on me, my various styles, and gear as well as how to hire me directly!

I am looking forward to working with you.
Speaks: english
LA-based Versatile Voice Actor - from Rough and Rugged to Smooth and Sophisticated with Serious Improv Chops.
I am a Voice Actor
Keith is a voice actor with nearly 20 years of improv experience and a deep and versatile voice and impeccable comedic timing.  From hero to villain, Keith will first embody and then voice your character.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult male senior
I was raised in Massachusetts, lived in Scotland for 15 years, and am now settled in Australia. I have an authentic Boston accent but can swing between most American accents, British RP, Scottish, and Australian accents.
I am a Voice Actor
I have a TransatIantic accent. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I emigrated to Scotland and live there for 15 years, and then emigrated again in 2009 to Australia. All of those moves have influenced my accent as it s today. I can read most American accents, British/Scottish accents, and Australian accents.

I can be the strict voice, the supportive friend or companion voice, or the confident manager's voice. I can read company blurbs and copy, financial leaflets, and kids books with ease. I'm easy with small talk and often use funny voices when I speak - as a kid I was told it was weird but now I'm making it work for me. I hope it can work for you too.

I take acting lessons with Screen Actors in Australia.  

I have a dedicated, treated audio space in my home. I use a PC with Audacity and use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 system.
Speaks: english
Hello! I am a voice actor/multi-instrumentalist/composer and audio engineer who loves to create music, comedy, voice overs and anything that excites me.
I am a Voice Actor, Music Composer, and Audio Engineer
 After many years of touring in multiple bands I decided to ground myself and make music, comedy and voice overs in my home studio. I took two years of voice lessons with Canadian voice legend John Stocker (Care Bears, Sailor Moon, Super Mario Bros). He also oversaw my voice demo which has landed me many roles in commercials and cartoons. Here are some of the projects I have been a part of.
I am currently the main YouTube narrator for popular online video game Marvel Strike Force.
I am the voice of Dieter, the manic zombie bunny rabbit in the soon to be released cartoon Pet Shop Zombies.
I am recording original instrumental music for upcoming video game Engineered To Purpose.
I have recorded a full length fan fiction alb...
Speaks: english
She/Her • Voice Actor and Artist • Just starting out!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
Hey all! I'm Laurel!
I'm known as LaurelTurtle on all platforms (5000+ on TikTok, some smaller numbers on Twitter and Instagram but nobody's perfect).
Should you work with me, here's what to expect:EfficiencyPleasant Working EnvironmentFlexible SchedulingKnowledge of Proper Audio Techniques and Editing to Save You Time on Your ProjectsMemes Wouldn't that just be the best? I think so!
Looking to connect with more creators and artists on CCC and excited to get the ball rolling!
Speaks: english