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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
I'm CherryWolfVA, but you can call me Cherry or Ash.  Currently, I'm trying to get back into the grind of voice-over related things! I'm a 30-year-old plain female who is a cashier at one job and a seamstress at another so that she can get her bills and school loans paid off. Outside of voice acting, I like to cosplay, write fanfiction, and of course watch anime and play video games. I watch any genre but I always seem to gravitate to Magical Girls, slice of life, lgbt+, death games, and supernatural stuff.►Demo and Resume►Socials
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor
Sound treated studio(Wall Panels, Ceiling Clouds, Bass Traps) equipped with:
Mics: Sennheiser MKH 416Neumann TLM 103Shure SM7BAston Stealth
Audio Interface:Universal Audio Apollo Twin X
Preamps:Universal Audio LA-610 MK II(Primarily used with TLM 103)Avalon 737 Plug-In(Primarily used with 416)
DAW:Pro Tools
Headphones:Neumann NDH 20Beyerdynamic DT 770 PROSony MDR-7506
Monitors:Yamaha HS5
My name is Wyatt.  I've been doing voice over since Nov 11, 2016.
A kid from Denmark tells me that my Facebook link doesn't work on this site and I inform him that it doesn't work because it doesn't exist. It's about this time I realize that I'm depriving legions of people the thrill of seeing pictures of my lunch, but just as I'm about to create a Facebook page I have a stark realization: I owe Slumlord Radio big time for getting me out of a jam in Tijuana so I'...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: musician voice over
VA on a journey. Let's get these creds!
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
I work on commercials, video games, animations and podcasts. Hit me up for an audition if you wanna work together or just chat!My discord is @kylesvoice.
Voice Description: commercial
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I’m a  voice actor looking to get my foot in the door with projects of any kind. I’m easy to take advice and criticism to adapt my performance into what you need it to be. 
Speaks: english
Accents: scottish texan
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: video editing
Sup! I'm a voice actor. Business email: [email protected]
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Producer
Thank you for visiting my page!

You can call me Afro or JJ.I enjoy bringing characters to life and challenging myself to different approaches.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want to get an idea of what I am capable of, check out my voice submissions through the submission’s tab.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want to go into more detail about the project? Feel free to contact me by email, twitter/X, or you can send me a direct message through here. If requested, my discord will always be provided privately.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When I have some free time I also offer my services as an audio engineer, sound designer, dialogue editor, and a vocal cover mix...
Speaks: english
Articulately Conversational / 2024 OneVoice Award Nominee
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor

Wayne is an American voice actor. His voice has been described as “Articulately Conversational”. Wayne is a proud 2024 ONEVOICE Nominee for Best Newcomer! Wayne is a Two-Time Award Winner for Best Narration for two audiobooks on the WeHear app.Wayne has narrated over 50 audiobooks, most notably Lowcountry Boil but Phil Perkins, Life's Fourth Quarter By Joseph Slaweck Build a Better Organization by retired Cintas CEO Robert Kohlhepp, Active Biological Evolution by world-renowned scientist Dr. Frank H Laukien, and Live in a Home That Pays You Back by Anna DeSimone (he is also the voice of her Podcast), Carol, Opposite of Collision, and Young Adolf. In addition to nearly 2000 (and counting) Spotify and local and national commercials, corporate explainers, eLearning projects and more, he has voiced / dubbed literally thousands of Tele...
Speaks: english
HEY! You!!! Yes, YOU!!! You are wonderful. Just wanted to remind you!!!
I am a Voice Actor and Audio Engineer
Hello and welcome!
My name is Tommy Aguilar! I've been doing voice-over as a hobby on and off for the last few years and have started becoming serious about making this my full-time profession. I have experience with character voices, narration, and audiobooks. 
So let me know what I can do to help you and your project!
Recommendations and follows are always welcome. 
You can message me here anytime or on Discord.All of my contact information is under my details.Discord: TommyA001#1877
Keep being awesome, my friend!
Speaks: english
Merete Mohs is a co-founder of Lengthy Tangent, LLC., an audio production house, as well as co-producer, actor, senior writer, and production manager for their flagship audio series, “Peculiar Radio”.
I am a Voice Actor
Merete has been a voiceover artist since 2019 when she began recording audio books as part of the volunteer staff at ABLE (Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to persons that are blind, visually impaired, or print disabled. She’s also an actor for The Online Stage - a production company that specializes in multi-cast productions of works in the public domain. She’s appeared in their versions of Emily of New Moon, Daisy Miller, as well as The Iliad and The Odyssey.Since 2020, she’s been an active member of the voiceover network, LTM. With them, she’s participated in classes and workshops specializing in many facets of the voiceover industry, including practicing scripts for commercial, character, e-learning, and more. She’s led several of the voiceover classes herself.Merete is a co-founder of Lengthy Tangent, LLC. She i...
British Character Actor. Film, Theatre, Classical and Voiceover artist.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I am a professional film, theatre and voice actor who started working professionally in 2009 and have worked in the industry ever since. I am a character actor and have been described as chameleonic, energetic and eccentric. I have appeared in feature films, west end productions and classical theatre. I have also written, created and starred in my own work both on camera and on the stage. I have also worked a lot in the world of voiceover particularly with characters for games and animation and audiobooks as well as producing many works myself. I am British, Northern with a neutral accent and a relatable, warm and melodic vocal quality. It has also been described as gentle, intellectual and thoughtful. I am also a professional writer and have written novels and scripts which have been produced and filmed. As mentioned a professional stage and screen actor trained in the Stanislavski m...
Speaks: english
Queer voice actor for animation, interactive, and commercial
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Hi! I'm Mishka, Mike, Michael - your preference.
My general speaking voice is mid-range, casual, and friendly. I can go from delicate and aspirational to gruff, angry, and assertive with plenty of stops in-between. I currently live in Chicago, where I grew up and have spent much of my adult life. People have told me I'm easy to direct, and I'll always seek to find a balance between my creative ideas and the rest of the team's vision.
Beyond my training in acting - VO and otherwise - I also have a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and an associate’s degree in culinary arts. I spend a lot of my free time cooking, baking, and gaming.
I have 4 cats and do not know what led me to this point. As of now they have not mutinied but I can tell they’re thinking about it. I’m working on monetizing all the stupid voices I use to speak to them.
Speaks: english
Multiracial American Ace Voice Actor | She/Her |
I am a Voice Actor
Hey there!

I’m Sky, a voice actor and musician with a degree in music education. While my natural voice has been described as sweet and youthful, I can adapt my performance to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for someone to voice a curious kid with a vast imagination, timid yet determined hero, or unruly rascal ready to challenge fate itself, let's make it happen!

For voiceover work and inquiries, the best method of contact is email!

Email: sky[at]skysengnaryvong.comWebsite: www.skysengnaryvong.comTwitter: skysengnaryvong
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: flute read music
Ciao! I'm Justine (she/her)! I'm a Japanese American voice actor and I'd love to work with you!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
(she/her) | Actor | Teacher | Dreamer | forever ally 🏳️‍🌈 | proud Sansei 🎌 |_____________________
I'm Justine and I'm an MFA-trained actress with years of performance history under my belt.
I've been an actor all my life and received my BA in Theatre from the University of California, San Diego with a year abroad in Birmingham, England. I earned my MFA where I studied voice and theatre performance in Tuscany & Torino, Italy | Berlin, Germany | Czech Republic.
I am a voice artist and I love what I do. I look forward to working with you!
I am a Voice Actor
My name is Lili! I'm a voice over artist, veteran, mom, spouse, and preschool teacher. I've always enjoyed music and singing and found that they share lots of similarities with VO. An avid reader, I decided to pursue audiobook narration and I immediately fell in love with the entire VO process, from recording audio to editing.
I record in a treated spaceMic: AT2020 XLRInterface: Scarlett 2i2 interface DAW: Adobe AuditionI am excited to deliver you high-quality voice over services so you may create your next greatest project with ease. Let's work together to achieve your goals! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. I hope I can get to know you, too!
Vox Phantasia, Dans Verbis Vitam
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Nick Mercer is an experienced professional voice actor and audiobook narrator with an incredibly versatile narration style, ranging from "friendly, positive guy next door" and "intelligent, articulate professional" to “sarcastic bounty hunter” and “mad scientist.” Whether your audience needs the warm, conversational voice of a best friend, husband, or neighbor, or to hear from a concerned, trustworthy expert, Nick Mercer can deliver the voiceover you are looking for!
Nick's background includes Theatrical Performance, Music Production, Sales, and Education. Dynamism and confidence from pop music and theatrical performance combine with the professionalism and relatability from sales and teaching to bring both power and nuance to Nick's vocal qualities. Nick can provide audiobook, narration, instructional/training, phone system, advertisement/promo, and character voice work.
Speaks: english
Top Talent on Voices, Top 10% on V123, now diving into Animation/Interactive genres!
I am a Voice Actor
Buckle up for an unforgettable journey as Daniel Caouette (Ca-wet) shifts your story into the next gear. He brings intensity and tenacity to every project he touches, and his unbridled enthusiasm shines through his dynamic voice. 
Daniel’s sound is versatile. He can go from the happy-go-lucky guy next door to the all-knowing bartender with a cocked eyebrow, offering sage advice and a witty remark over a glass of whisky — on the rocks. This adaptability makes him the perfect fit for a variety of genres including promo, commercial, narration and animation. 
He loves the thrill of the spotlight, and his flair for dramatics began at an early age. Daniel found his confidence through public speaking, discovering his gift by accident when someone put a mic in his hand during high school and shoved him onto the stage. He’s been comfortable there ever since, and furthered his experience ...
Speaks: english
Voice Actor in SE Michigan. Broadcast Quality home studio w/ Source Connect. Commissions available!
I am a Voice Actor
D is a lifelong artist and performer with a mighty need to spice up everyday life with some extra brilliance. She has a versatile mid-low voice that's as comfortable playing villains, warriors, and goddesses as it is delivering sassy, friendly, or compassionate reads.Starting in 2008, she trained, performed, and instructed in stunt work, stage combat, fire spinning, and aerial arts. D has operated a movement arts studio in Ann Arbor since 2013, teaching people with a similar need for a more epic life how to do objectively dangerous stuff for fun.When not in the booth or disqualifying herself from life insurance, D can be found button mashing her Steam Deck, watching geeky TV, playing with her preschooler, writing screenplays, singing at the top of her lungs behind the wheel, or wondering where the heck that bruise came from (it's an aerialist thing).
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audio editing (logic pro x)
Voice Actor ✮ Vocalist ✮ Equity UK Member ✮ Spotlight Member ✮ NAVA Member ✮ PXActors Member ✮ Father ✮ Fiancé ✮ Sci-Fi Fan ✮ #voiceactor #voiceover
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Andi Dawson, is a dedicated British Voice Actor and Vocalist with a passion for audio that traces back to his upbringing in a musical environment. Growing up under the influence of his father, Kevin, a professional musician, Andi's journey led him to work across the UK, Europe, and parts of the USA.His venture into voice work began during his time running the prime-time breakfast show on Castledown FM; a radio station based in Ludgershall, Wiltshire, where he discovered a keen interest in voice acting and audio editing. Operating from his fully equipped professional Home Studio, Andi handles all his own editing, boasting a full compliment of Broadcast Quality equipment and adaptability to various formats and technical requirements.Andi takes pride in representing himself and welcomes direct inquiries for potential acting work. However, he actively seeks representation in key entertain...
Speaks: english
Voice actress excited to use her deep voice to bring stories to life
I am a Voice Actor
New voice actress bringing my variety of artistic experiences to the mic including 20 years in dance, 7 years of vocal training, and 6 years of acting training. As an avid gamer, I gravitate towards gaming and anime, but I'm most excited about exploring a new artistic medium.
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audacity