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The giant rat that makes all of da rules!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
So, people know me as Vladibear. My real name is Vladimir Gabatel. 1994 is my year of birth, and i was born in Kazakhstan (Which is almost like Russia, so expect russian accent). Anyway, i love to voice act, and when i mean it, i MEAN it. Voice acting is my passion, which i followed from 2012. Starting with headset microphone. After acting classes, voice building, commercial recording, here i am, experienced, and always willing to improve!Im a kind of actor, who will follow the lead of director. I'll trust your vision and your interpretation of character. But maybe will add something from myself, be that some sound effect, or a cute quirk. And yeah, i work both for the sake of working, and for the sake of finances. It depends on the project, it's difficulty, and how i want to participate. So yeah! Vladibear, kinda russian, kinda good, real voice actor! At your service.
Skills and Interests: reaper translation
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Hey there!I'm a voice actress, editor, writer and machinima maker. I've been voice acting for my own projects since I was 11, and with 15 I got into voice acting in English for other people's projects as well.Since I'm from Germany, I've got an accent — Although I've been told it doesn't sound too german-ish! I can imitate a bunch of accents, so I suppose my natural one sounds mostly ambiguous.I've done a lot of roles from school girls, demons, evil witches, mothers, kids and sexy ladies to earthworms. Yes, I've voiced an earthworm. It was a life-changing experience.I spent most of my youth creating machinima with the sims-series and got into animation during the covid lockdown. Although my first animated projects remains yet to be seen, you can check out my past work on YouTube: Even though I'm mostly tangled up in my work as a media-freelancer, I love voicing ...
Gabriel C.
Passionate Commercial voice actor; Ready to be a part of your project.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, and Audio Engineer
I have always had a passion for anything audio. I love singing and songwriting, and love doing voice work of any kind. I own a home studio with many instruments and equipment, and I am always looking for another reason to spend time there.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Director
I’m 18 years old and a Novice VA (getting the hang of voice-acting) I’m a solo creator doing Art, Impressions, and making Gacha Club Content + Gaming too (rarely). My audience is…small, yeah.
He/Him; I can speak English and I know some Japanese (still learning). Feel free to message me
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Hello!I'm a self taught artist, I've been doing art for about 5 years. I'll draw almost anything or try my best to. I do this mainly for practice and experience.I am currently learning how to draw the human body better. I also am very slowly learning how to do animation.Please note that I am a student so I am busy. If I do not respond here just add me on discord
I'm just looking for projects to practice art and get better at it (i'll most likely do stuff for free but more so during the summer)I appreciate any feedback or tips I use procreate and CSP, though I am still learning how to use CSP.
Speaks: english
Setup: procreate
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
I am simply an actor and voice-over artist. In addition to voicing audiobooks, video games, animation, and commercials, I also have experience acting in theater and film. Here! Have a listen:  
Website: Jordan Harbin Voice Actor
Insta: @Jordan Harbin (@jordanharbinvo) Youtube: Jordan Harbin VO - YouTube

projects i've done:
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
She deserves the moon, but would never ask you for it..
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer

I enjoy anime, and manga and have since I was very young. Some of my favorite VA roles I've played include; Hitomi Tougai in Strawberry Panic, Natsuki in DokiDoki a Nightless Aria, Suma in a Demonslayer S2 fandub, Usagi in a parody of sailor moon, Osoro in a Yandere Simulator fandub, Momiji in our very own fb project, Rem in a Re:zero dub, and Circus Baby in a FNAF audio drama. I look forward to getting to know this online community better, see you all soon.
J'vais peindre mon avenir pour qu'il soit haut en couleur !
I am a Voice Actor
Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Bobby / TourneSol. Je suis un doubleur amateur fan de plusieurs franchise. J'ai donc décidé de me lancer sur la plateforme !
I want to change the world.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hello, I'm Velvet/Prince (any pronouns), professionally known as Doll Days. I'm an ADHDtistic aroace lesbian whose primary focus is towards art and writing. I engage in other activities, too, such as voice acting and music production.
Current Projects:Barbara Pegg (VA) - Genshin Impact FandubKokoa Shinomiya (VA/Vocals) - D4DJ Fandubs (CAS)Kaho Komiya (Vocals) - Shiny Colors (CAS)Kozue Otomune (VA/Vocals) - Love Live: Hasunosora (CAS)Audio Enginner/Mixer for Cutting Air Studios and H4PPY WORLD DUBSFormer Projects:Applejack - Harmony and ChaosMonodam - YTTD and DR VoiceoversShizuku Hinomori and Nene Kusanagi (VA), director - Project Sekai (SIS)Kogane Tsukioka and Asahi Serizawa (VA), director  - Shiny Colors (SIS)Founder of Shining Idols Studios
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
We’re a small team who is attempting to remake Persona 3. Its a huge effort and might take years but we’re dedicated on creating something.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Commited Voice Artist-Writer and Content Creator
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Imagine a remote village in the italian countryside. That's where I'm from, and here I am. I can bring life to any role, make it unique, and bring something to your project you just won't find anywhere else. Been doing this work for a while, and I keep working hard every day to get better and better
Accents: italian
Guess tuning in to Pokémon’s Twitch streams of the series on every Tuesday/Thursday for over 3 years straight can REALLY ingrain every vocal inflection imaginable from the ol’ Pokécast…
I am a Voice Actor and Music Composer
Aspiring voice actor & music composer. Specializes in adaptive wacky voices w/ a TON of range & various “epic” background music styles (ex: video games). Also currently learning Japanese.
Speaks: english
I've worked on many different formats of projects!
I am a Voice Actor
Hey there! I'm Hylactic. I'm a professional VoiceOver artist, actor, and screenwriter. I've been honing my craft for over a year now, and have had the pleasure of interacting with industry professionals like Elsie Lovelock and Kyle Phillips.I trained through various online courses, including Joe Zieja's course, and have worked on background voices for series such as Hazbin Hotel Abridged by BitterSweetCandy. I’ve also worked with TKTailsVR and am currently writing and producing a series that received over 300 auditions.My voice range is incredibly vast, from an extremely deep, gravelly voice reminiscent of Arthur Morgan to a high-pitched, clear voice like Jar Jar Binks. I prioritize the acting aspect of voice acting, bringing a depth of emotion and character to every project I work on.About Me:Specializations:- Voice Acting: Commercials, TV and Radio, Explainers, E-learning, Animation...
Speaks: english
Setup: blender
Hello there!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
Amateur voice actor, editor, producer, and roblox devMaster of the asphault fightI am huge fan of many of things. Roblox, Chuck E. Cheese, FNaF, Touhou, Bocchi the Rock, K-ON, you name any niche and I'm probably a fan of it lol
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Writer
Willing to volunteer for voice acting work! [14 years old]
Confirmed projects:Shizuku Hinomori (Unknown Melodies PJSK Fandub)Shizuku Hinomori (Gourmet SEKAI)Ai Kazehara (DREAMWEAVERS)