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About Vladibear

So, people know me as Vladibear. My real name is Vladimir Gabatel. 1994 is my year of birth, and i was born in Kazakhstan (Which is almost like Russia, so expect russian accent). Anyway, i love to voice act, and when i mean it, i MEAN it. Voice acting is my passion, which i followed from 2012. Starting with headset microphone. After acting classes, voice building, commercial recording, here i am, experienced, and always willing to improve!

Im a kind of actor, who will follow the lead of director. I'll trust your vision and your interpretation of character. But maybe will add something from myself, be that some sound effect, or a cute quirk. And yeah, i work both for the sake of working, and for the sake of finances. It depends on the project, it's difficulty, and how i want to participate. 

So yeah! Vladibear, kinda russian, kinda good, real voice actor! At your service.

  • @fran_3f

    He worked with us for the third chapter of Reversion. Sent in lines quickly and with high quality.
    Totally recommended.

  • @de4thpunch

    Vladibear helped me out with audio a lot, did voices for multiple projest (more than half of them I never finished but that's my fuck up oops). Does his job quickly, listens to my directions and requests so characters that I animate would be as close to my ideas as possible. Cast him, throw money at him, make him work his ass off, dude's great.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Great guy to work with. Provided lines way before the deadline. I had fantastic communication with him and he understood exactly what i was looking for!

  • @thewhiterose000

    When I first started my Project I needed a very unique talent, and even more unique language option. Vladibear filled that position perfectly as a Russian voice actor helping bring an air of comedy to something I've wanted to do for a while.

    His mastery of several languages makes him an ideal candidate for so many projects, and his continued help is something I could never do without. I'd recommend Vladibear any day of the week for any sort of project or voice role.