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About Ko


I enjoy anime, and manga and have since I was very young. Some of my favorite VA roles I've played include; Hitomi Tougai in Strawberry Panic, Natsuki in DokiDoki a Nightless Aria, Suma in a Demonslayer S2 fandub, Usagi in a parody of sailor moon, Osoro in a Yandere Simulator fandub, Momiji in our very own fb project, Rem in a Re:zero dub, and Circus Baby in a FNAF audio drama. I look forward to getting to know this online community better, see you all soon.


I primarily work for free.

What Ko is looking for

I do a variety of things including voice acting, music, video/audio editing, animation, storyboarding, script writing, casting, and project direction. I specialize in female and NB voice types - full range. I take an interest in fandubs and original animated projects in specific.

  • @Acebauer13

    A wonderful lead on the creative team I worked with! Very communicative and easy to work for! They were clear with expectations and flexible/understanding with scheduling. Grateful to have had the pleasure of being on their recent project!