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love to work on covers and anime/game dubs, especially fandubs for my favorite characters :) also looking for group collaboration!

  • @ishVA

    Keiyo/Mayo is an amazing director, voice actor, and singer. They are hardworking, friendly, and funny. They put passion into everything that they do and strive to keep projects organised. If you need someone who won't let you down and it bursting with talent, I highly recommend!

  • @futureroyva

    has a great voice and does her job extremely well!

  • @soramist

    One of the second round casted people for a project of mine! Super cool individual (and they like Bocchi the Rock, so that's a plus one in my book), and was able to work with me in voice call to get things I needed right! Highly do recommend this talented individual!

  • @zandredadonutqueen

    KEWPIE D MAYONNAISE! Amazing director by far oh my god. No matter how many time I get yelled at, Mayo gets stuff done efficiently and with no haste. They make sure everything runs orderly and despite their chaoticness, they are amazing. So if you see Mayo auditioning, cast Mayo. You won’t regret it at all!

  • @joybuzzahztv

    She's a pleasure to work with. She responded very promptly and we scheduled live direction immediately after she was cast. She did a phenomenal job and I would definitely would love to work on future projects with this awesome actress.