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Versatile Baritone Both Comforting and Gregarious
I am a Voice Actor
Hello! I'm Timothy Grader. My voice has a warm, natural feel that puts the listener at ease while keeping them engaged. I'm capable of a wide range of tones, from tenor to bass; both of which can be commanding or more subdued. Along with speaking, I am also able to sing in a classically styled baritone. I'm easy to work with and am confident in my ability to collaborate with my clients to ensure they love the quality, sound, and performance of the final project. 
I regularly attend workshops and classes taught by other voice over professionals and actively seek out mentoring to ensure I am constantly improving. This enables me to give my clients the best voiceover I'm capable of at all times. I'm experienced in audio books, commercials, eLearning, and corporate narration. I've also worked with several YouTube channels for their narration needs. Reach out today for a custom audition...
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor and Audio Engineer
Believable, mature warm sounding male.  Doing a variety of production for two on air and one on line radio station.  Decades of experience.  Let's make people understand your idea.
voice actor & friend
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Just a voice actor eager to work with you!
Thanks for stopping by!
If you need to contact me outside of this website, hit me up on discord at aferalsunflower or on twitter @aferalsunflower! You may also email me at VivianReedVA @
Want me to redo or try any audition or lines? I'd be more than happy to oblige!I can't wait to see what we create! 🌻
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: 2d art voice acting voice over
I am a Voice Actor, Producer, and Live Actor
Experience in broadcasting and radio production
Speaks: english
A friendly mid-range tone that can go from warm & sweet to cool & sultry, and can become just the sound your project needs.
I am a Voice Actor
A Jersey girl with a big, romantic heart and a bit of a fiery side, Marie has a passion for stories.  Her lifelong love of movies, TV, music, and books has led her into the world of voiceover.  Marie brings warmth, relatability, and an adventurous spark to her voiceover art.  When not at the mic, you can find her forging an entrepreneurial path, living large with the charismatic man in her life, or cuddling with her Corgi.  She lives in Northern New Jersey where she records in her home studio and can provide a quick turn-around time.
Native Clevelander in Los Angeles with a deep, resonant sound that establishes presence and authority, but also conveys the depth that runs beneath still waters.
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Voice actor with a warm and friendly voice, plus a comic book and movie nerd! I'm ready to bring all the voices in my head to life for your project! 
I am a Voice Actor
With over 15 years of public speaking to groups of all ages, I'm stepping off the stage and into the sound booth! Very comfortable with a warm and authentic tone for commercials, or a more energetic character for your cartoon, or maybe a narrator for your YouTube channel! There's lots of possibilities, and I hope you can hear them soon!
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Skills and Interests: audacity audacity basics
Range. Dedication. Experience. This is the voice you want to hear.
I am a Voice Actor
I'm a voice actor and former radio DJ with experience in dubbing on two Funimation series, One Piece and Baka & Test, as well as the One Piece movie Strong World. I have also provided voices for commercials, trailers, online performance pieces, and indie-developed video games. I have recently partnered with Music City Studios, Cardinal Sound Studios, and the Voice Acting Guild of Louisiana to provide my clients with top-level professional sound.
Speaks: english
Deep, rich, with gravitas, quirky, dramatic, quite silly...yes, really! All of these and more. Seek out
I am a Voice Actor
I've been voicing, professionally, for over 25 years. Across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Australia - come to think of it, across the planet. I used to sing (for over 40 years) in various bands, from punk, rock and indie to out-front of two 20 piece big bands only a few years ago. The singing mic has been hung up now, but I can still croon the odd tune. More recently, I've voiced for games, narrated a handful of audiobooks and embodied various straight and oddball characters here and there. My stock-in-trade is narrative, documentary, explainers, corporates and the like. Listen to the demos to see if any of the voices might be useful for your project. Also:
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor
Joseph Hobby is a voice actor living in Orange County, California. He has a plethora of character voices and impressions, thanks to his six years of experience in stage acting. He graduated from Orange Coast College with an Associate's Degree in Theatre.

When Joseph isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones and his family. He is a father to a two year old son.

Joseph's hobbies (pun completely intended) include gaming, video editing, and going to theme parks such as Disneyland or Universal Studios.
Speaks: english
Versatile Voice Actor Ready to Bring You Projects to Life
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Live Actor
I'm Greg Jake, a solidified pro in the voice and acting world with many projects under my belt. If you pay close attention you have heard me on campaigns for trusted brands such as Gold Bond, Six Flags, Academy Sports and Coors Light to name a few. You may have also seen me in commercials for Bud Light, La Quinta, AT&T and CiCi's Pizza. 
Speaks: english
Scottish Voice Actor 🎙️ Discord: hannahhebb
I am a Voice Actor
I am a Scottish voice actor that has lived in the North of England for over a decade. I have a warm, informative voice but can also sound authoritative when needed. I am a quick learner so can pick up new accents quickly.I have loved video games from a young age and have always liked to do impressions of the voices I find interesting....yes I was the weird kid always putting on voices!I am capable of providing an enthusiastic and high energy voice to your commercial or a softer, more enticing read depending on your requirements! I can voice multiple kinds of characters to suit your video game or animation; I can go from a friendly gnome, to a gossiping innkeeper, to a bossy guild master, to an evil witch and more!I use a Neumann TLM103 with a K&M 23956 Popkiller via a GoXLR audio interface in my Snap Studio Vocal Booth.
Speaks: english
Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Musician
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, and Audio Engineer
I'm a professional voice actor, audio engineer, and musician looking for fun new projects. I got my start in radio over 20 years ago at WMMS in Cleveland where I was the Creative Services Director until 2015. At that point, I moved to Los Angeles to work at KIIS FM where I designed creative audio as Imaging Director through 2023. During that time, I also became the voice of KIIS FM, American Top 40, and On Air With Ryan Seacrest. Today, I continue my voice work for those brands listed above in addition to many other clients across the United States and Canada.When not recording voice overs, I am obsessed with creating music in multiple genres; including rock, darkwave, techno, drum and bass, surf, and metal. I enjoy every step of the process: writing, performing, recording, mixing, and mastering. For samples of music I've worked on, check out this playlist on Soundcloud: https://sound...
Speaks: english
Delivering Distinctive and Direct Voice Overs | Inspiring Audiences via Commercials, Narration, eLearning, Christian-themed, etc. | Broadcast Quality Home Studio | Your Project. Your Perspective. My Pipes.  https://www.linkedin.c
I am a Voice Actor
I'm a former schoolteacher turned voice actor. Over decades I've honed my communication skills to an art – and now I've transitioned from enlightening a captive audience of children, to captivating audiences of all ages.Since childhood, I've been immersed in the world of taletelling through musical-theatre. Along the way, I pursued my passion further by studying theatre arts in university. From those early experiences on stage to diving into academics, I've blended my love for the performing arts with my knack for effective communication.With a deep commitment to storytelling and the unique ability to engage, educate, and inspire through my voice, I help businesses tell their stories with impact. My experience in education, coupled with my passion for acting, has equipped me with a powerful skill set, making me the voice and the storyteller that bridges generational gaps. I'm direct, ...
Speaks: english
Professional Experienced Female English (North Amerian) Voice Over
I am a Voice Actor
Hi, I'm Mary McCready! I am a freelance voice actor and copywriter, with more than 20 years of broadcasting experience, both at the microphone and coaching talent as a director and producer. My voice is adaptable, suitable for many different types of messages and I am able to adjust my tone and delivery to suit the project. I love the voiceover business. From on-hold messaging to hard sell, soft sell, imaging, promo, and narration... I've done it all!
Speaks: english