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Barn Owl Studios

Hail, and well met! I'm a VOA with a naturally low and smooth voice that I can modulate to just about anything you want. Feel free to message me if you have any questions I check them often and respond as soon as I am able. You can also email me at WarmVelvetVoice*at* or my discord warmvelv

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About Barn Owl Studios

I am a full time Voice Over Artist. I apologize but I am unable to consider most unpaid projects at this time of life. And I will never condone the use of AI cloning for my voice.

Now, on to the fun bits.

I have speaking voice that is naturally on the lower end of baritone and fairly smooth. But I also have a large vocal range from years of singing in choirs and musicals, and practicing voices everywhere I can get away with it. As such I have developed good vocal modulation capabilities. Anything from: Smooth, Textured, raspy, low, high, old, young, energetic, tired, full bodied, thin and more. I can do several accents and am constantly working on perfecting them and learning more. I also don't flake on projects I commit to and would never Ghost someone. 

A VO's Journey with Anthony Pica - 2023

A VO's Journey

Instructed by Anthony Pica

A group of Voice Over Talent together to help and teach each other the art of Voice Over. Led by the incomparable Anthony Pica. Classes include live session 5 times a week on acting, business, and the technical side of the job. Several teachers are there to help, all active and successful VOs themselves. And some one on one coaching with Anthony. Among many other benefits.

Masterclass - 2023

Voice Acting

Instructed by Nancy Cartwright

Several classes compiled and taught by Nancy cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, among many others. 

Campion Academy - 2004


Instructed by Melia Williams

It's not official VO or acting school. But our choir director also taught drama and combined those into musicals we performed every year. They only gave us 1 per year, But I loved each and every one of them.

Videogame Acting Coaching - 2024

Instructed by Chris Okawa

Private coachings from Chris Okawa on acting in videogames and how to self direct, take direction, and create voices and mental states for videogame characters.

Closing credits - 2024

Videogame Character

Instructed by Chris Okawa

5 week class on voice acting for videogames.

Closing Credits - 2024

Character Voices and Thinking Outside the Box

Instructed by Timothy Banfield

Working on coming up with character voices and learning to think outside of the normal parameters for creating them.


I follow GVAA rates but I'm willing to negotiate for smaller companies and individuals. While i'm willing to be flexible I do expect to be paid when we agree to a price. I take pride in my work, and will work to make it worth the cost.

What Barn Owl Studios is looking for

Videogame and Animation projects are my passion, but I do commercial and industrial work as well. 

  • @galactipod

    I cast Greg for three roles in my project and he had the range to voice them all convincingly and distinctly. You couldn't tell all three were the same actor. It was great working with him.