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I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Freelance Voice actor with over 10 years of experience voicing in numerous video game and animation projects.
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male senior male young adult
Dynamic, Confident, Commanding. Zach of all trades, cast of one!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
A performer from a young age, Zach has translated a lifelong love of accents, impressions, characters, and acting into a thriving career in audiobooks. With over 100 titles to his name or one of his pseudonyms, and training in stage acting, vocal performance, narration, and even mathematics lecturing from some of the best in the business, Zach has brought books both fiction and nonfiction, spanning virtually every genre to life. When he’s not narrating, you can find him performing standup comedy, deep into an epic campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, memorizing mathematical proofs, and expanding his considerable repertoire of dad jokes.
Speaks: english
Trans Voice Actress who is just getting Started
I am a Voice Actor
I am a 20-year-old Trans Voice Actress who is trying to get some experience in this field, I have been Acting in theater for years and want to get into Voice acting. I hope I can find some work and have fun on here
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Writer
Hi! I'm Olivia! I'm a voice actress, editor, writer, artist, and animator. I am a trans female but with a voice suited towards male characters. I have done work on quite a few projects as well as my own and I am looking for exciting opportunities!
ROLESOriginal Characters:Orion Suka / Terukada Kimanari - Danganronpa: Desperate HeartNatsushiko Tomita - Danganronpa: Salvation’s FearsYosuke Kawaguchi - Danganronpa: IsolationEvin “Akira” Maximilian - Danganronpa: Shackled FutureREDACTED - Danganronpa: Burdens of ChangeMinoru Keihatsu - Danganronpa: Project ParadigmShoichi Hayakawa - Danganronpa: PrimetimeM.D. Wildcard - Danganronpa: Route DespairVictor Peterson - Re:Danganronpa: Refresh RetreatPumpk - Five Nights at Pumpk’s Re-SpookedNOTUS - Aphyns
Non-Original Characters Nagito Komaeda / Kurokuma / Korekiyo Shinguuji / Byakuya Togami / Taichi Fujisaki - Danganronpa FandubsGorou / X...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: british
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Director
Hi! I'm Christo or Chris for short, and I'm an aspiring voice actor. 
This is where I should tell you about myself, right?I absolutely love voice acting and enjoy doing animal noises, I also love sound effects and weirder voices, and of course whiney little kids, deep badasses, and misunderstood antagonists. As well as accents, I would like to think I can range from the spicy Spanish man to the Russian arms dealer inviting you over to see his AN-94 Nikonov AR's to the gritty cowboy to a fancy proper gent. 

As a child, Antagonists were always some of my favorite characters in cartoons and comics. (which is probably why I love getting to portray them now)Some of my favorite comics were Bionicles, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Transformers, X-Men, and so many others.

Then I got into what I didn't know at the time was Anime. I still watch and read Comic...
Just a young Trinidadian man trying to make it into the VO industry. 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
Primarily interested in voice acting  Has skills with drummingHas some level of singing talent Does other talents for leisure in-between.
Speaks: spanish
Genderfluid26 yrs old
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
I've been in a few vocal projects but unfortunately the groups fell apart.I really enjoy singing and would love to do something with it. 
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
GreenGear Interactive
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Producer
Green Gear Interactive Is A Game Development Studio That Primarily Makes Fangames Of Original Indie Horror Games! Keep Up With All Our Projects By Giving Us A Follow! And Follow Our Projects If You Are Interested By Following Us Here On Itchio, Subscribing To Our Youtube Channel, Or Just Joining Our Discord Server!OUR STUDIO'S HISTORY: Founded In 2021 By SunnehBoiPlays & Catster (KCG456) It Was The Start Of Our Era In Low Budget Recreations Of Popular Indie Games. We Started Off With Our First Project, Bendy & The Ink Machine 2D: Chapter One, Which Released Sometime In 2022. The Game Was Almost Instantly Different From Other Bendy Fangames, The Game Had Green Toned Enviorment Instead Of A Tan Sepia Tone Mosy Fangames And The Original Game Mainly Had. 
 A Week Before The Studio Was Founded Under The Name Budget Barry Interactive (2021-2023), Catster Officially Gave SunnehBoi...
Speaks: english
A Striving VO Artist
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Passionate voice actor combining hard work, education and substantial voice over work in stage and animation. Backed by groups of indie game developers, small time animators and reputation for artistic integrity and massive ambition. Studying and learning more of the Film & Animation Industry
Getting started in VA work and streaming on twitch.
I am a Voice Actor
Real Name:Justin RansomCharacter Name: Wheezing GeckoAge: 29I am a cheerful individual who enjoys playing video games and as of recent just got into Voice over work.Can find me at:X: @WheezingGeckoWebpage: Contact Email:[redacted]
Speaks: english